Can You Bring A Razor On A Plane? (5 Different Types)

According to a survey made by Statista in 2020, over 1,700 lost their lives to cutting instruments. 

A razor blade is a dangerous possible murder weapon, and airlines must ensure safety. There are some rules regarding carrying razor blades on a plane set by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), which everyone must follow when traveling.

So, what are the rules for carrying razors on planes?

You can bring all types of shaving razors with you on your trip. 

But, for the most part, you can only bring a razor in checked luggage. However, you can take certain other types of razors with you in carry-on bags.

A Quick Skim

Razor TypeIn hand baggage?In checked baggage?
Razor cartridgesYESYES
Individual bladesNOYES

Can You Carry a Straight Shaving Razor on a Plane?

Some people still prefer straight razors as they provide better precision. 

But can you take them with you on a plane? 

If you are a frequent traveler, you know the answer is no. 

The reason for this rule is that these razors are perfect murder weapons, just like box cutters, which are also strictly prohibited on the passenger deck. 

Thus, passengers can never have a straight razor on a plane in carry-on luggage because you can not have sharp objects around other people when flying. But airlines do allow straight razors in checked bags.

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Can You Bring a Safety Razor on a Plane?

A safety razor works with a replaceable open blade, so you can easily access the sharp knife inside. Therefore, safety razors fall in the category of possible weapons, and you can not have them in carry-on bags. 

But you can bring safety razors or packs of razor-type blades in checked bags.

Can You Take Disposable Razors on a Plane?

Yes. You can have disposable razors in checked luggage and hand luggage. 

You can even ask the staff for a disposable razor on a plane. The same applies to the razor cartridges, and you can carry as many as you want.

Yet, when carrying your own disposable razor, make sure you cover the blades before putting them in the bag. A cover prevents accidental cuts when you or the baggage handler searches in your bag. 

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Can You Take An Electric Shaver on a Plane?

You can bring an electric razor on a plane because it does not have open blades. You can either put it in with checked luggage or bring it with you in hand luggage. 

Just check that you have packed your electric razors appropriately before putting them with the hold luggage. Otherwise, they might get damaged.

Also, if you are looking for travel tips, you should be aware that if you are traveling internationally, you should bring a dual voltage shaver since other razors may not work with the plugs in other countries.  

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Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Safety Rules

The TSA lays out the safety rules for air travel that apply to all airlines in the United States. These are the TSA razor rules for passenger safety:

Electric Razors

According to the TSA website, you can bring all kinds of electric razors in carry-on luggage and checked luggage. You can also bring electric razor batteries in either type of luggage. 

Disposable Razors

TSA divides disposable razors into two kinds: one that is completely disposable and the other that has a replaceable cartridge. You can carry both types in checked luggage or a carry-on bag.

Safety or Straight Razors

Safety razors include any razor with an accessible blade. You can not have any kind of safety razor in carry-on bags. 

However, the TSA does allow safety razors in carry-on bags but without any blades in them. You can put the individual blades in with checked luggage.

What Happens If You Get Caught with a Prohibited Razor in Your Bag?

Any TSA agent or airport security personnel has the right to seize anything they think is dangerous for other passengers’ lives, including prohibited razors. 

You can’t argue on this matter no matter how expensive your stuff is. You must follow all the rules, or they won’t allow you to board the plane.

So, confirm these regulations with the airlines well ahead of time, so you don’t run into problems at the last moment.

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Can You Bring Other Shaving Necessities?

Overall, you can only have a certain amount of liquids, gels, and aerosols in your carry-on. 

The TSA rules state that you can have up to 3.4 ounces of items like shaving cream, shaving gel, and shaving oil in cabin baggage. Additionally, they must be in their original bottles. 

Also, you must pack these items inside a one quart-sized liquids bag. So, you may not be able to fit all of your needed items, like shaving cream, inside this small bag. 

However, you can take as much liquid, gels, or aerosols in your checked luggage as you need. Thus, it’s best to bring shaving cream and other such items in your checked bag. 


Airlines and the TSA set regulations for your safety. So, when confused about whether you can bring a razor with you, just ask yourself if it can harm other people. 

Or even better, you can check the relevant TSA rules. 

If you still run into trouble at the airport, just transfer the prohibited items into your checked baggage. You can pack most things in checked baggage, except for drugs and weapons, of course.