Can You Bring a PS5 on a Plane?

Traveling with electronics can be tricky, especially when you consider larger gaming consoles.

Most people wonder if they’re allowed to bring consoles on planes or how to pack them properly so they won’t get damaged. 

For the most part, these are treated like laptops during security screenings and are allowed on planes. This makes it a fairly straightforward process.

PlayStation 5 consoles can be brought on planes. They are treated like laptops at security and must be screened before boarding. The best way to travel with them is in your carry-on bag, but you won’t be able to turn the console on or play games during the flight. 

Bringing Your PS5 on a Plane

You are allowed to bring your PS5 on a plane with you, either in your checked luggage or in a carry-on bag like a laptop. 

The controllers for the PS5 use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and must be packed in your carry-on bag in most cases. 

Passengers also have to observe special rules for these batteries.

You can view the full list of rules and regulations here, however, we will list some of the most important ones. 

  1. Batteries must be protected from short-circuiting
  2. Damaged batteries are not allowed on flights
  3. All batteries or items with batteries must be placed in protective coverings such as plastic bags or battery cases, or have terminals covered with electrical tape
  4. Limit of two spare batteries
  5. All battery-operated items must be screened at security check-ins

It’s generally suggested to treat your PS5 like a laptop on flights. You can bring a carrying case made for it or keep it in a backpack-style bag. 

The difference is that you won’t be able to play the console while in the air. 

Most of the electrical outlets on planes have maximum capacities which are lower than your PS5 will require to play. You also won’t generally have a place to plug in your HDMI cord either.

Monitors can be brought on planes if they meet size requirements. Large monitors won’t fit in overhead bins or under seats, so they will not be allowed.

Like the console, most monitors require too much power for the airplane’s electrical outlets to handle. 

This means you won’t be able to plug your monitor in on your flight, just like your console. 

It’s advised to always bring your PS5 in your carry-on bag and avoid checking it. Not only does this help with security issues, but it’s safer for your PlayStation. 

Typically, checked bags are treated gently. They’re also packed in with other bags underneath the plane, which means the best way to protect your console is by keeping it with you. 

Keep in mind that you may be asked to power on any electronics you bring with you during your security screening. 

You’ll want to keep your power cords easily accessible for this so you won’t risk extra delays if you can’t get it to turn on.

What About Other Game Consoles?

Larger gaming consoles are all treated the same way as the PS5. They’re allowed on flights but must be screened at security checkpoints and you’ll be responsible for protecting them. 

Small or handheld gaming consoles are also allowed on flights. PSP, SteamDecks, and the Nintendo Switch can all be packed and brought onto your flight with you. 

Since these are all handheld devices that operate using batteries, they’re treated more closely like phones. 

Handheld devices can be used during flights, so these smaller consoles are a great way to play games and pass time while in the air. 

How Do You Pack a Game Console For a flight?

Whether you’re bringing a backpack or a suitcase, it’s important to pack your game console properly to avoid damaging it or any of its accessories. 

For a backpack, one of the best things to bring along is a large towel. You’ll want to fold the towel to be a couple of layers thick and long enough to wrap around your console. 

Lay the console in the middle of the towel, and fold the ends around the console. What you’ll basically be doing is making a console burrito with the towel. 

There should be extra parts of the towel hanging over the open ends of this roll to act as an extra cushion for the console. 

Wrapping it this way gives it plenty of protection from other things in your bag scratching the console, as well as helping absorb any shock from dropping your bag. 

Separate your controllers and put them in the bag with some socks or other small pieces of clothing. This gives them a little bit of a buffer and will help you avoid squishing and damaging your joysticks.

For headsets, remove your microphone and tightly fold up your cords. If you can’t remove the mic, fold it as tightly as possible to the headset. 

Either use a carrying case or give it some support with clothing and place it in the bag with your console. 

Suitcases are much easier to pack a console in than backpacks. You can generally pack some clothes and leave a space in the middle for the console. 

Be sure to pack your clothes around and on top of the console so it has as much of a cushion as possible. 

How many electronic devices can I bring on a plane?

The TSA doesn’t have a set limit on the number of electronics you can bring with you. 

You shouldn’t have a problem bringing multiple laptops, game consoles, computers, or phones on domestic flights. 

Where this may be an issue is if you’re bringing dozens of them and it looks like you have the intent to sell them. 

This may raise questions with airport security teams and you may be questioned or searched. 


Airline passengers can travel with a PS5 in either their carry-on bag or their checked luggage. 

The device is treated like a laptop for most security purposes and generally doesn’t cause any problems or delays. 

Be sure to pack the console with plenty of cushions to keep it safe and remember to keep your cords accessible in case you’re asked to power the console on during screenings.