Can You Bring An Open Pack Of Cigarettes On A Plane?

If you are a smoker, long flights can be difficult.

Having your cigarettes ready as soon as you step off the plane and into a smoking area can be a nice relief and something to look forward to. 

You just have to know the rules about cigarettes and airline travel.

You can take an open pack of cigarettes onto an airplane in your carry-on bag. You cannot, however, smoke onboard the aircraft. Some airports have smoking sections in the terminal for passengers to use before and after their flights. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until you’re outdoors and in a designated smoking area.

Can You Smoke on an Airplane?

Almost all airlines prohibit smoking on planes. While passengers can bring their tobacco products onboard, smoking them is forbidden by law. 

Cigarettes have been banned from flights since the 1980s as they were a leading cause of inflight fires, which are extremely dangerous and can lead to air disasters.

Smoking also poses a health hazard to the flight crew and can cause discomfort to other non-smoking passengers. 

Can You Smoke at an Airport?

The smoking policy in airport terminals varies by country. Some airports have specific lounges where passengers can smoke while waiting for their flights. 

Others only allow smoking outdoors in designated sections, and most airports do not allow smokers to smoke freely throughout the waiting areas. 

Some airports completely prohibit smoking on or near the premises. 

If you are concerned about your ability to smoke at an airport, familiarize yourself with the policy of the airports you’ll be visiting.

Can You Take a Lighter on a Plane?

You can take one lighter on a plane. You must carry it in your hand luggage, and you cannot have it out during the flight. 

Most countries do not allow you to bring lighters in your checked baggage, and it’s important to refer to the packing guidelines before arriving at the airport.

There are also some restrictions on the type of lighter you can bring. For example, electric lighters and plasma lighters are not permitted on planes.

Can You Take Matches on a Plane?

You may bring one book of safety matches on a plane, and like lighters, you must keep them in your carry-on bag. 

You may not take them out during the flight. 

Strike matches are not permitted on a plane, and the TSA inspects all matches at security.

Can You Travel Internationally With Cigarettes?

Most countries allow visitors or returning residents to bring cigarettes and other tobacco products with them. 

Some countries limit the amount of certain tobacco products permitted across their borders. If you exceed this amount, you may have to pay duties or taxes. 

You will need to declare any tobacco products when you go through customs, and you’ll have to complete the proper paperwork to bring these items into the country you’re visiting.

Can You Buy Cigarettes at Airports?

Some airports sell cigarettes. 

Often you can find cartons of cigarettes at duty-free shops, and some airports have stores or kiosks that sell cigarettes and other tobacco products by the pack.

Keep in mind the prices of cigarettes at airports can vary. Some airports may sell cigarettes and tobacco products much cheaper than you might find in other stores, and some will charge a much higher price. 

Regardless of where you buy your cigarettes, the smoking policies at the airport still apply, and you will have to obey all rules regarding bringing tobacco products on your flight.

Can You Bring Vaping Devices on a Plane?

You can bring a vaping device (or e-cigarette) on a plane, but the rules are different from those that apply to cigarettes and other tobacco products. 

You must take your vaping device in your carry-on bag, and you cannot vape while on the plane. 

Because of the battery, you cannot pack your vaping device in your checked luggage. 

If you are traveling internationally, you should ensure your vaping device is permitted in the destination country. 

Not all countries have rules and policies regarding vaping devices, and some prohibit them completely.


If you are a smoker and want to take your cigarettes or vaping device with you on an airplane, you are in luck – most airlines allow passengers to bring their tobacco products with them. 

Check the rules of the specific airline you’re using to find out where you can pack your tobacco. Vapes and other electronic smoking devices must be carried in your hand luggage. 

Some airports offer designated smoking sections within the terminal, but others only permit tobacco use outside in specific areas. Refer to the airport’s guidelines to find out where you can smoke.

Always consider the country you’re traveling to and confirm that tobacco products are permitted there.