Can You Bring Gummy Bears On A Plane?

You can bring gummy bears and other candy on a plane in carry-on or checked luggage.

The only time you would have a problem is if you have CBD gummy bears or packed a large number of gummies with the intent to resell at your destination.

In nine out of ten cases, security does not care if you have non-melted gummy bears or other solid candy in your carry-on baggage or checked luggage.

However, sometimes TSA agents can be particular about what they allow on a plane. 

Thus, I will detail everything you need to know about bringing candy with you when you fly.

Should Gummies Be in My Carry-On or Checked Bags?

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you can bring candy on a plane in either your carry-on luggage or your checked bag. 

And gummy bears, and even vitamin gummy bears, are candy and usually solid food items. So, they should be totally fine, especially if they’re in the original sealed packaging.

But unfortunately, the TSA stipulates that you can’t have more than 3.4 oz of liquids or gels in your allowable hand luggage. Also, you must put these carry-on items in a quart-sized plastic bag. 

This rule normally only applies to sweets like liquid candy tubes or spray candy, but gummy candy, like a gummy bear, can melt at high temperatures.

And when they do melt, they can be rather gel-like. 

So, airport security may apply the same rules as they would to a gel or liquid. Thus, you have to have less than 3.4 ounces and put them in a resealable bag. 

As always, the individual decision of the TSA agent is what matters at airport security.

Luckily, you can bring gel candy and even chocolate bars above 3.4 ounces in your checked luggage. Therefore, if you know you’re traveling through the heat, it may be wise to pack your gummies in your checked luggage.

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Why Would Customs Have a Problem With Gummy Bears?

As mentioned above, there is one instance where customs would have an issue with gummies or other candy, like candy canes, peanut butter cups, or candy bars in your checked or carry-on baggage. If you bring candy or even something like Pop-Tarts or chewing gums on an international flight with the intent to resell, you will have to pay duty.

Different cut-off values depend on the country you are entering. For example, the US allows up to $200 value items for personal or household use without having to pay duty.

But, there are further exceptions based on destination and type of item, so it is important to know these rules before you bring candy on a plane.

In the case of gummies and chocolate-covered candies, you should be fine nearly every time. You will only have a problem if you are taking candy on a plane in tremendous amounts.

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Why Would TSA Confiscate Gummy Bears?

Typically, you can bring as much candy as you want in a carry-on bag or checked baggage. But, in some cases, the TSA may confiscate items like gummies, squeezable candy tubes, jelly beans, and other candy in liquid or gummy form. 

For the most part, it is less about the gummy bears and more about maintaining consistency. Airport security has long restricted liquids and gels to small amounts using their 3-1-1 rule.

It would be inconsistent for them to let some things through and not others. And since a TSA officer can interpret gummy bears as either solid candy or a gel depending on heat, it can go either way.

The other reason the TSA is suspicious of things like gummies or even chewing gum is their potential for being laced with drugs. It certainly seems far-fetched, and in most cases, it is.

However, TSA has to be suspicious of everything to catch those few cases where someone tries to slip through the cracks. Yet, that doesn’t make it any less annoying when they spend ten minutes inspecting all the candy you just want to enjoy during your flight.

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What About CBD Gummy Bears?

You should not try to fly with CBD gummy bears. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from a state where they are legal and only intend to keep them to yourself.

Cannabis is still illegal on the federal level and in many other countries. So, the TSA can confiscate your THC gummies if you have them in your checked or hand luggage.

You can only bring cannabis products on a plane when they contain less than 0.3% THC

That said, TSA agents are specifically looking for cannabis products when you bring candy. And if they do find them, they will refer you to local authorities.

So, it is best not to take the chance and only bring candy that doesn’t have illegal substances.