Can You Bring Glass on a Plane?

In general, yes, you can bring glass on a plane in both carry-on bags and checked luggage. 

However, you still need to follow any other restrictions that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has in place on certain glass items. 

Can I Pack Glass Items in My Luggage?

Overall, you can pack pretty much any type of common glass item in your luggage. 

These include: 

  • Glass bottles 
  • Glass vases
  • Glass picture frames
  • A glass jar 
  • Shot glasses 
  • Wine glasses
  • A glass snow globe (Although snow globes are still subject to liquid rules and can’t contain more than 100ml of liquid in carry-on luggage)
  • Glass water pipes (Just remove all residue from substances such as marijuana)
  • A glass vial 
  • Glass paperweights (However, if they are particularly heavy, TSA agents may consider them too dangerous for carry-ons)
  • Empty champagne bottles and wine bottles

Don’t Forget the TSA Liquids Rule 

Since many glass objects hold liquid, it’s essential to consider the TSA’s liquid rules. 

Overall, all of the liquids in your carry-on luggage must fit into a quart-sized bag, and none of the items can have more than 100ml (3.4 ounces) of liquid. 

So, an empty glass bottle or glass container is perfectly acceptable in a carry-on. 

However, a glass item full of liquid can be dangerous, even in checked baggage. 

So, there is a possibility that if you bring many glass containers full of liquid in your checked bag, the TSA may confiscate them. 

These regulations are in place to ensure no one tries to set off a liquid bomb on board the plane. 

Can I Bring a Candle on the Plane?

Another common glass item that you may have questions about are candles. 

And, yes, you can bring most candles on a plane. 

However, they need to be solid candles. 

But, since solid wax candles are the most popular, you shouldn’t have a problem. 

Yet, remember that gel candles can not go in carry-on baggage. 

When taking glass that contains gels, you must put it in checked luggage, or an agent will confiscate it from you at the security checkpoint. 

Can I Bring a Glass Knife on a Plane?

You must pack glass knives in checked baggage. 

The TSA only allows plastic or round-bladed butter knives in a person’s carry-on bag. 

Thus, you can’t bring other knives into the cabin. 

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Is Bringing Glass on a Plane Dangerous?

Of course, there is always a chance that a glass object could pose a hazard on a plane. 

If, for instance, a glass vase breaks in someone’s carry-on, they could get cut. 

A person may also break a glass object on purpose to cause harm. 

However, the TSA allows passengers to put glass in their carry-on bags because there is a high risk of glass breaking in checked bags. 

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How to Pack Glass for Air Travel

Since glass is one of the easiest objects to break, you ought to put glass in your carry-on bag. 

If the glass is in your carry-on, you have more control over how it’s handled compared to when you place it in checked luggage. 

But, even when you put your glass in your hand luggage, you need to be careful. 

Wrap your item in soft material, such as bubble wrap or paper. 

You should also keep the glass away from other fragile or hard objects in your hand luggage. 

If you are packing glass in your checked luggage, the same rules as above apply. 

Yet, in checked bags, you should also place the glass in the center of the bag and make sure that you put extra padding around the item. 

Packing a Large Glass Picture Frame 

In general, large picture frames are probably the most likely item to get broken in transit. 

Since they are basically large and thin pieces of glass, they are almost guaranteed not to make it home untouched. 

But, if you are packing a glass picture frame, you should place a piece of cardboard on either side of the glass and tape it onto the frame to decrease the chance of breakage. 

Packing a Drinking Glass

When packing drinking glasses, you want to put padding around as much of the glass as possible. 

You should wrap a packing material around the glass like a burrito and then fill in the inside with more packing material. 

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You can bring most glass objects in your bags when you travel by air. 

But, if the items could be dangerous, you need to put them in a checked bag.