Can You Bring Condoms On A Plane?

Some common items might be allowed on planes but can cause a bit of a hassle when going through airport security, especially anything metallic.

Condoms are a good example since many brands use a foil wrapper that can set off sensors during the screening process. 

It’s perfectly fine to bring condoms onto a plane. Properly stored in their box, even a foil wrapper on condoms won’t set off metal detectors. There are also no rules or regulations that must be followed to safely bring them with you. 

TSA Regulations on Condoms

The TSA doesn’t have any specific regulations regarding condoms, which means it’s perfectly fine to bring them on a plane with you. 

They can however set off sensors during security screenings if they aren’t packed properly. 

The foil wrapper on most condoms has the potential to set off a metal detector, but won’t most of the time since it isn’t heavy enough. 

The surface area of the package is more likely to show up on X-ray screens than the likelihood of setting off metal detectors. 

If this happens, it isn’t a big deal. 

Your bag may be pulled into an extra security search to determine what the item is that set off the machine or you may be patted down if they’re in your pockets. 

In both cases, this just adds extra time to your security screening and you won’t be in any trouble for bringing condoms with you. 

Leaving the condoms in their box will help with the X-ray scanner. 

It usually won’t see inside the box, removing the possibility that a condom package gets flagged as a suspicious item. 

You’ll also want to always pack condoms in your carry-on bag, not your checked luggage. 

This will let you avoid the temperature fluctuations that can happen during your flight that could compromise the condoms themselves. 

Can You Bring Lube on a Plane?

Lube is also perfectly fine to bring on a plane, but it must meet the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquid requirements.

Any liquid in a carry-on must be in a container of 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less, placed in a single one-quart plastic bag, and each passenger may have one of these bags with three of such items inside. 

This rule applies to all liquids that passengers want to bring in their carry-on bags. 

If you want to put lube in your checked bag, you can disregard this rule and bring larger containers with you. 

Can You Take Viagra on a Plane?

It’s safe to bring Viagra on a plane with you and medications are allowed inside passengers’ carry-on bags. 

The best way to make security easy on yourself is to keep all medications easily accessible and in their branded bottles while going through security. 

It makes the screening process go by much faster.

Like all medications, bringing a number of pills that would be reasonable for personal use and only bringing medications that are prescribed for you will usually keep you from running into any problems. 

If you happen to want to ingest Viagra on a plane, this is generally not recommended. 

For pilots, the FAA has warned against taking Viagra within certain time frames before flying. 

This is mostly due to one of the medication’s side effects that cause around 3% of men to experience a bluish haze that makes it difficult to distinguish between blue and green lights.

Can I Bring Condoms to Dubai?

Westerners traveling to Arabic countries tend to be aware of the difference in cultures and want to avoid breaking strict laws that can apply in some countries. 

While there are some rules you should be aware of and a list of prohibited items you can not bring into the country, it’s no issue to travel to Dubai with condoms. 

Contraceptives do not seem to be outlawed and can be purchased while in Dubai.

The place where you’ll run into issues is if you’re bringing a lot of condoms with you. 

Any amount that would be deemed too much for personal use can get you into trouble for trying to import condoms with the intent to sell them and avoid tariffs. 

In most cases, travelers won’t have anywhere near this amount and won’t run into problems. 

With any travel plans, if you have questions regarding whether or not specific items are allowed into the country you should check with that country’s customs department. 


The TSA doesn’t have any specific regulations on bringing condoms onto an airplane and you likely won’t have any issues when going through airport security. 

Like everything else in your pockets, you’ll want to make sure to send condoms through the screener instead of keeping them on you. 

It’s also important to keep condoms in your carry-on. 

Leaving them in checked bags can expose them to temperature variations under the plane that can degrade the condoms and render them useless.