Boston Must Eat Desserts To Indulge Yourself With

Now that you’ve stuffed yourself with delicious seafood and tasty burgers from some of the legendary establishments in Boston; it’s time to sample some of the city’s well-known dessert places. If you have a sweet tooth like me, make sure to save some room for these Boston must eat desserts.

Boston Must Eat Desserts

Try a Boston Cream Pie at Parker’s Restaurant


No other Boston must eat desserts is more well known than the Boston cream pie. And quite possibly the best place to get it is at the Parker’s Restaurant located at the Omni Parker House. The Omni is already famous for being the oldest continuously operating hotel in the United States, but it’s also where a dapper but nervous John F. Kennedy proposed to a radiant Jacqueline Bouvier.

Massachusetts‘ official state dessert was created by the chefs at the hotel and has been a staple on the menu since it first opened in 1856. Called “Chocolate Cream Pie” back then, the custard-filled, chocolate-frosted “pie” is worth every calorie and penny. If you’re going to indulge on just one thing, might as well do it in style.

Address: 60 School Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108

Tel #: (617) 725-1600

Sticky Bun at Flour Bakery + Cafe


Outside of donuts, no other American pastry conveys comfort to me more than warm sticky buns. The sweet scents of brown sugar and cinnamon emanating from the oven provides me with fond memories of my childhood, playing with my cousins, laughing with friends and not caring much about the realities of being an adult. As it turns out, I’m not alone in such sentiments if you consider the queue that forms outside of Chef Joanne Chang’s Flour Bakery + Café. All of the baked goods here are worth trying, but undoubtedly one of the Boston must eat desserts is its signature sticky bun. Locals love the traditional yeasted French brioche dough covered with toasted cinnamon sugar and pecans so much that Chang decided on adding several more locations to satisfy the demand.

Address: eight locations around Boston and Cambridge

Baked Alaska at Oleana


Search for “desserts in Boston” and you’ll likely come across the baked Alaska, a beautiful dessert creation by Chef Ana Sortun made with ice cream, cake and meringue. Now, not all baked Alaskas are made equal. In the city home to poets and politicians, the one served at Oleana is unequivocally considered to be one of the Boston must eat desserts. What makes this baked Alaska particularly special is the house-made coconut ice cream and the passion fruit caramel sauce that comes with it. It sounds particularly sinful and indulgent (and it is) but it’s definitely worth trying, even if you don’t particularly like dessert. It’s unique and the flavors are bold and blend beautifully together.

Maple Bacon Donuts at Union Square Donut


Every major city has that one fancy donut place that caters to tourists and Boston is no different. The donut craze that hit the United States several years ago is still very much alive in Beantown, making the donuts, particularly the sweet and savory combination of maple and bacon, at Union Square Donuts one of the Boston must eat desserts. Originating from nearby Sommerville, Union Square Donuts specializes in creative flavors such as coconut masala or brown butter hazelnut crunch. However, what brings the crowd is their signature maple and bacon premium donut. While some places merely feature crumbles as the topping; Union Square doesn’t skimp with big chunks of crispy bacon placed on top of homemade maple icing. I’m categorizing it dessert, but one might actually say it’s more like “breakfast is served.”

Address: three locations – Somerville, Brookline and Boston Public Market

Cannoli at Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry


Boston Italian heritage is very much alive and kicking which is why it’s not surprising to see cannolis on this list. Now, there’s a healthy competition between Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry on which serves the best of this Boston must eat desserts but either way you choose, you’ll leave happy and satisfied. Even locals are torn between the two! If you’re looking for variety though, then Mike’s Pastry is where you need to go. In addition to the classic flavor, you’ll find Nutella, peanut butter, and limoncello also on the menu. Get in early or prepare to wait in line.

Address: three locations – Somerville, Cambridge and Boston’s North End

Biscuits at Sweet Cheeks Q


Like donuts, the biscuits at Sweet Cheeks Q isn’t exactly dessert, but to me, still belongs on this list of Boston must eat desserts merely because of the honey butter that accompanies the flaky and buttery side. Most Southern experts agree that Sweet Cheeks Q itself is a must-try and their biscuit is primarily the reason why.

Address: 1381 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Tel #: (617) 266 – 1300

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