Bioparc Valencia: Discover African Wildlife

In a city where tapas and shopping beckon, a trip to the zoo in Valencia may seem like an unusual choice. But Bioparc Valencia stands head and shoulders above the rest thanks to some very innovative architects…

Bioparc Valencia – 4 Habitats of Africa

Covering more than 100,000 square metres, the zoo is divided into four habitats within which different African ecosystems are recreated. From the main concourse, you can escape into the Wetlands, Equatorial Africa, Savannah or Madagascar where a whole host of animals await. The zoo’s 4,000 inhabitants comprise 250 species, with lions, hyenas, rhinos, zebras, hippos, seals and leopards as well as an array of monkeys. Keep an eye out for the red ruffed lemur (or vari rojo if you’re practising your Spanish) – a striking and beautiful creature.

Ring-tailed lemurs sunbathing
Ring-tailed Lemurs Sunbathing

Innovative Spanish company Rainforest Design S.L created the animals’ surroundings using state-of-the-art techniques. They built the zoo around the fundamental principles of sustainable design, specialised animal care and natural landscaping, to create a unique space in which to experience the ‘zoo-immersion concept’, which naturally engages visitors in wild habitats, among healthy, well-looked-after animals. A captivating and sensory experience, more similar to a safari than a zoo, Bioparc Valencia is the perfect base from which to absorb the fascinating details of African wildlife.

The gorila Jitu - Autumn 2012 - Bioparc Valencia
The Gorilla Jitu

While one of the best parts of the zoo is the ease with which you can just wander through ‘Africa’ and take it all in, there are some real highlights. Don’t miss the astounding recreation of Kenya’s Kitum Cave, and be sure to make time to visit the World of Amphibians and the Great Apes – one of the biggest sections of the zoo where chimpanzees rule the roost.

Open 365 days a year, ranked among the top five attractions in Valencia and easily accessible from the city, the eco-friendly Bioparc Valencia is an educational and fun-filled day out.

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