Your Next Big Road Trip: Car Rental or Drive Your Own?

A lot of people say that you should only rent a car when flying to a far-off destination and drive your own car when going on a big road trip. But just how true is this? If you’re grappling with the idea of whether you should take off on your road trip in a rental car or in your own; here are a few tips that might just help you make the right decision.

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Take a closer look at your car

Before you decide to go on a road trip in your own car; you simply have to make sure it’s ready for a long journey like that. Your car needs to be in great condition if you want to be sure it’s going to deliver you across a great distance. This being said, you should turn to a mechanic and have them check out your car. If some work has to be done on your car, chances are going for a rental car might be a cheaper option. Also, bear in mind that getting your car ready for a road trip might take some time, so consider renting if you’re in a hurry to hit the road.

Think about the age of your car

The age of your car definitely matters when it comes to going on a big road trip. The lifespan of an average car is about 12 years or 175 K on the clock. Furthermore, most cars lose their reliability once they enter the last quarter of their projected lifespan. So, if you’ve had your car for more than 8 years or your clock shows more mileage than 120 K, there’s always a chance of something going wrong even if your car seemed ready for the road trip you’ve planned. And that’s not a risk you want to take when going on a big road trip.

big road trip

Make sure you have everything ready 

No matter how long you’ve had your car or how good it is; you always have to be prepared for emergencies when going on a road trip. So, if you want to tackle your next road trip in your own car; you have to make sure you have everything that will help you in case of an emergency. First of all, this means you should always have a spare tire for your car. Also, you’ll always want to keep some backup engine oil in your car. Just make sure you go for quality engine oil such as Castrol, that’s guaranteed to keep your car running smoothly.

Check out local car hire companies

Of course, you can hardly decide whether you should rent or not, if you don’t know what kind of car you can get and how much it’s going to cost. So, before you make any final decisions, make sure to contact local car hire companies and ask about their prices. Whether or not you should rent depends quite a lot on what kind of deal you can get and how it fits your budget. Just remember that you should turn to at least a few local car hire companies if you want to be able to make the right decision.

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Don’t forget about comfort for the big road trip

When going on a long road trip, you’ll always want to be as comfortable as possible. That being said, you should think about the size of your car and the number of people hitting the road with you. Just bear in mind that you’ll also need some extra space for all the stuff you’re going to take on your road trip. If it seems there won’t be enough space in your car, renting a larger one might be a better idea. Ask the personnel in the car hire company to recommend a large car that’s going to fit all of your demands.

Consider fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is also supposed to play a huge role in whether you should rent a car or not. If your car is fuel efficient and it doesn’t need much repair before your trip; chances are you won’t have to rent. On the other hand, if you think you’ll have to spend loads of money on gas for your car; renting might be a better option. Ask the staff at the car hire company how much gas their cars need; and think about which options works better for you.

Follow all of these tips and you should be able to decide whether to rent or not. Just bear in mind that no matter which option you decide to go for; you’ll have to make sure the car has everything you’ll need for your road trip. So even if you decide to rent; make sure to take a closer look at the spare tire and other essential things every driver needs.

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