My All-Time Favourite Winter Cruises

This may sound controversial, but I actually prefer visiting the world’s chilliest spots in the dead of winter. I guess with global warming creeping up on us, this may become the only option if we want to see the snow. The observation points on board cruise liners are warm and toasty, and there’s a never-ending supply of fresh roasted coffee. Besides, there’s also some superb cold-wet weather gear around to keep you warm when you visit these best winter cruise destinations.

The Best Winter Cruise Destinations

Take Alaska, for Example

Best Winter Cruise Destinations: Alaska
Alaska’s Glacier Bay

This is definitely one of the best winter cruise destinations. Cruising quietly past Alaskan ice-capped mountain peaks and pregnant glaciers is such a stunning thing, that you almost want to whisper to your companion if you spot a polar bear standing on an ice flow, or hear the distant cry of a Tundra Wolf across the flatlands. I seldom go onshore on winter cruises and intrude on these wild, lonely spaces. I prefer to imagine them as they were, when Siberian hunter gatherers first crossed the Bering land bridge 16,000 years ago.

The Incomparable Frozen Antarctic Wastes

Best Winter Cruise Destinations: Antartica
Antarctica Iceberg Ship

Way down south at the frozen extremities of our planet; the fifth largest continent slumbers on beneath ice that’s estimated to be an average 1.9 kilometres / 1.2 miles thick. You got that right, it’s not a typo! It’s a wild place not to be trifled with, although here I do go on shore, because I like to dream about the rocks that vast distance beneath my feet. In winter, it can get as cold as −89 °C / −129 °F; so I stick close by my guide and never go walkabout on those towering ice cliffs.

And Finally Norway’s Fjords

Best Winter Cruise Destinations: Stavanger

By comparison the Norwegian Fjords are almost chocolate boxy; although it’s still necessary to respect nature because she can be unforgiving. While they are undeniably cute when viewed from a cruise ship beneath them, or from a heated plunge pool for that matter; the only real way to experience them is to grab a hire car, drive to a cliff top, and gaze down on the magnificent silence of this part of God’s earth.

What’s Best to Wear?

This is a question I am often asked when discussing winter cruises. The correct answer is this depends on your cold-weather tolerance compared to other people. The first principle is insulating your body from direct contact with the ice and snow; which means a stout pair of rubber boots with really thick rubber soles. If you follow up with an outer layer of clothing that is waterproof and windproof, then you have the makings of a wearable solution.

The rest depends on tailor-making your underclothing to your body’s responsiveness; in other words how readily it surrenders its own heat on winter cruises. Remember to wear loose clothing so you trap pockets of warm air around you. Then experiment to determine how many layers of clothing you need to keep the chilly air at bay. As I mentioned, this varies between individuals, like these folk who don’t look cold at all.

Best Winter Cruise Destinations
Cathy & Girls (One Ocean Expeditions)

Now, all you need to do is find the best deals on the best winter cruise destinations!

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