Best Whitby Tourist Attractions Worth Visiting

Whitby is a small seaside town in North Yorkshire, known since the Medieval times as a fishing port important for the development of herring and whaling trade in the early Middle Ages. Although the town still depends on the fishing industry, it has its own unique cultural and historic heritage. With a population of only slightly more than 13,000; Whitby is a small harbour of English tradition and an interesting place to visit. Here is the list of the best Whitby tourist attractions worth visiting; and the most prominent places that every visitor must see.

Whitby Harbour, Best Whitby Tourist Attractions
Whitby Harbour

Best Whitby Tourist Attractions

Whitby Harbour has historic importance since it has been home to Royal Navy for long periods of time. In the late Middle Ages, during the Tudor times and later, it was an important shipbuilding centre and a place for naval training. The famous Captain James Cook received his formal training here, and a lot of town’s museums and sites are somehow connected to his life.

Whitby Fishing Boats, Best Whitby Tourist Attractions
Whitby Fishing Boats

Nowadays, the harbour offers beautiful views of the city with a lot of excursion options, including boat excursions that will tell you more about Captain Cook’s life story. Since Whitby is one of the most picturesque seaside towns in England, great photos are guaranteed.

Whitby Abbey.

The Abbey is the most prominent historic sight of Whitby. Whitby Abbey was erected in the early Middle Ages and is known as the home of the earliest known Anglo-Saxon poet in the history of England, Cædmon. A stone Gothic monastery founded in 657 in honour of pagan king’s defeat, it offers a spooky and yet spectacular view. It was featured in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which makes it very attractive to tourists nowadays. The Abbey can be visited from the inside.

Whitby Abbey on the Hill
Whitby Abbey on the Hill

Whitby Museum.

The Whitby Museum and Pannett Art Gallery are all you need to get the impression of Whitby’s history and culture. You can admire historical panoramas, archaeological items, ceramics and fossils, and an organized tour will tell you more. The gallery offers a great collection of vedute of Whitby starting from King Edward’s times, as well as a great collection of impressionist paintings.

Sandsend Beach.

It is the town’s highest rated beach, quiet and calm, the one that allows you to spend a peaceful day out bathing in the sea with your family.

St. Mary’s Church.

One of Whitby’s oldest churches founded in 1110, it lies quite close to the Whitby Abbey. The church’s graveyard was also used in the Dracula film shooting.

Falling Foss Tea Garden.

If you love nature, you would love to visit this public garden, if the weather is not rainy. It offers an idyllic scenery and peaceful rest with beautiful fountains and the flowing river.

Whitby Goth Weekend, best Whitby tourist sites
Whitby Goth Weekend

All in all, Whitby is a must for you if you appreciate English Medieval history; and are interested in its naval past. In warm weather, Whitby will also be a cosy place to lie in the sun and enjoy the seaside view from the harbour. Enjoy your visit!

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