Belgium’s Five Most Spectacular Waterfronts

Together with the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Belgium is a part of the Low Countries in Western Europe. This small nation’s landscapes are made up of undulating hills, slow-flowing rivers, forests, and flat fields and meadows. Historic towns situate themselves on the banks of these rivers, which are oftentimes interconnected by picturesque canals. This maze of rivers and canals dotted with gorgeous old towns has made for some pretty spectacular waterfronts in Belgium. While there are many scenic places to be found all over Belgium, I personally consider these the best waterfronts in Belgium. If you’re planning a trip to Belgium, definitely make sure to include some of the following best waterfronts in Belgium in your itinerary. They’re quite spectacular.

5 of the Best Waterfronts in Belgium

Best Waterfronts in Belgium: Castle of Bouillon, Bouillon
Castle of Bouillon

5. Bouillon Castle in Bouillon

The Castle of Bouillon in its namesake town is one of the most imposing castles in Belgium. This once-mighty stronghold is the main reason why you should visit Bouillon, a small historic riverside town near the border with France. Set atop a rocky spur above a bend in the Semois River and overlooking the town below, this spectacular edifice is Bouillon’s star attraction.

Waterfronts in Belgium: Nete River in Lier
Lier Waterfront

4. River Nete in Lier

A virtually unknown Belgian town among foreign tourists, Lier makes for a fun day trip from places such as Antwerp and Brussels. It lies a quick train ride away from those major cities. Home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Lier is definitely a surprising town. In addition to a number of historically significant attractions, the riverfront along the River Nete in the heart of the old city center is absolutely worth a visit. It’s one of my favorite among the best waterfronts in Belgium.

Waterfronts in Belgium: Dinant Citadel
Dinant Townscape

3. Citadel in Dinant

Dinant is easily one of the most photogenic small towns in Belgium. Extending along the Meuse River as a long stretch of waterfront houses, Dinant is dominated by its impressive Citadel, which sits atop a cliff just behind the town center. When admiring the town from the other side of the river, it’s hard not to be blown away by the sheer beauty of this unassuming riverside town in the Belgian Ardennes.

Waterfronts in Belgium: Graslei in Ghent
Graslei in Ghent

2. Graslei in Ghent

If it hadn’t been for Bruges (see below), Ghent would definitely have taken first place in this list. The Graslei is a medieval quay in the heart of the old city center, lined with gorgeous buildings, restaurants and bars. This is Ghent’s beating heart, a major tourist destination and popular meeting place for locals.

Waterfronts in Belgium: Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges
Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges

1. Rozenhoedkaai in Bruges

Bruges hardly needs an introduction. One of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns, this historic town’s old city center is, in its entirety, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Crisscrossed by the most scenic of canals and cobbled streets, Bruges is a photographer’s dream. There are countless picturesque spots all over the city center, but the best one is probably the Rozenhoedkaai. This old quay overlooks a canal and waterfront brick buildings, backed by the majestic tower of the Belfry.

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