Three of the Best US Multi-Modal Cities to Visit

Summer is the quintessential season for taking time off and hitting the road. While the way we travel continues to evolve; there will always be The Great American Road Trip, which we may even get a chance to experience in self-driving cars within a few decades. Whether you’re heading out on a coast to coast road trip or a tour of the West Coast, you may not want to drive your car once you get to your destination, especially if you don’t know the city very well. Here are some best US multi-modal cities, where you can park your car at the hotel or hostel and still enjoy all the interesting and fun things the city has to offer:

Best US Multi-Modal Cities

Chicago, IL

could gate, Chicago, IL. Best US Multi-Modal Cities

Chicago makes the top of many travellers bucket lists. Whether you go to take a photo in front of The Bean, watch The Cubs at Wrigley Field, or head to one of the many music festivals; you could easily spend days in “The Windy City” and not have a chance to see everything.

While there are many “must sees” in Chicago, you don’t need to (or want to) experience the traffic in Chicago. Several of the city’s roads have been deemed some of the worst in the U.S., and if you aren’t familiar with them, travel can feel nightmarish.

In efforts to combat traffic congestion, Chicago is becoming one of the best US multi-modal cities to visit. If you prefer traveling by bicycle, the city is planning on adding 50 extra miles of bike lanes by 2018, so check out their bike share program. Whether you take the South Shore Line, The Metra, or take the PACE bus, there are many ways to get around.

Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH. Best US Multi-Modal Cities

Before you head out of the Midwest, head to Columbus, Ohio. Not sure what to do in the Capital City? Fuel up at one of the many independent coffee shops or visit a distillery or brewery. Love art and music? There are lots of summertime festivals to check out.

Better yet, and perhaps unexpected, Columbus is working hard to eliminate traffic congestion and offering multiple modes of transportation. In fact, in 2016, the U.S. Department of Transportation named Columbus, a “Smart Cities” award winner.

Columbus is working with local private and public social services to improve mobility options; and creating an app that keeps visitors and residents in the know about events, traffic, and alternative transportation opportunities. Additionally, Columbus is planning to offer a car sharing program.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA. Best US Multi-Modal Cities

If you’re heading west, you can’t visit the West Coast without stopping in San Francisco. While driving up and down the steep hills of San Fran may be an adventure; it’s a lot easier to get to Chinatown, go shopping in Haight-Ashbury, or even see the Golden Gate Bridge when you’re taking one of San Francisco’s transportation options.

Even if you’re visiting for just a few days; download the MuniMobile app to make it easier to pay for and ride the Muni buses, Metro light rail, historic streetcars, and even the iconic cable cars.

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