Best travel shoes – fashion or comfort?

One of the most challenging tasks for a travel enthusiast is making a choice between either comfortable or fashionable shoes. To start with, it’s essential to note that traveling involves a lot of walking and standing. You will find yourself walking long distances on hard concrete pavements, marble streets or better yet, hiking up a rocky hill, full of sharp rocks. The bottom line is that you will be using your feet a lot during your travels. As such, it’s important to take care of your feet and take the best travel shoes you can. Remember, unlike shoes, you can’t just buy another pair of feet and dispose of your old pair.

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Why not choose fashion shoes for travel

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Fashion oriented shoes are built for fashion. Not endurance. They will be killing your feet during your traveling. They are made using light materials that are meant to handle light tasks in an urban environment. As such, taking such shoes on a hiking expedition, island hopping or even sightseeing will be a huge mistake. This is because they will get torn up quickly by sharp rocks exposing your fragile feet. Their soles are also not hard enough and they can be very slippery. Hence, you are more likely to get blisters that are painful and which will definitely slow you down. In the worst case scenario, you may end up dislocating your ankle, which would cut your journey short prematurely.

Best travel shoes: Comfortable can be stylish

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On the other hand, comfortable shoes may not be as fashionable as you would like but will get you where you want to. They need to offer great support and comfort. These are the type of shoes you would want for traveling because they will prevent painful blisters on your soles. If you are going sightseeing or you will be standing in a museum you need to have a comfortable shoe which won’t be killer to your feet.

You should pick your choose depending on when and where you will be traveling. In case you want to treat yourself to a new pair, buy them a month or a two before your trip. Don’t save your new shoes for the trip, but wear them to avoid blisters.

These four types of shoes are one of the best options for traveling:

  1. Flip flops- Great for beaches
  2. Causal sneakers- All-day tours
  3. Trekking/hiking shoes- Long Hikes
  4. Loafers or Oxfords– City travel, fancy dinner

They are comfortable and yet you can find fairly fashionable pairs. Traveling in style demands a certain taste and taste is something one cannot discuss.

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