How to Choose the Best Travel Camera

When it comes to packing for your big adventure, you might be wondering whether you should bring a really nice camera or just stick with your phone camera. You will be seeing so many incredible things on your travels and you will want to capture them on film so that you can show your friends back home and preserve those memories for yourself. However, you might not want to spend a lot of money to buy the best travel camera that you might break or lose.

best travel camera

How to Choose the Best Travel Camera

Invest in a DSLR for Travel Blog Photos

The type of travel camera you choose will depend on your budget and the level at which you are interested in photography. If you are serious about photography and you really want to capture high quality images of your trip, consider investing in a decent DSLR camera. Lee and I have a DSLR because we have a travel blog and we need to be able to take high quality photos of our adventures for publishing on the web. Also, Lee enjoys photography and has a lot of fun capturing great images, so it was a worthwhile investment for us.

Use Point and Shoot Cameras for Sharing Memories

If you just want to snap photos of your friends on the beach, you might only need a simple point and shoot camera. I have met some people who are travelling only with the camera on their iPhone – its high quality enough to take decent photos of their adventures and they felt no need to invest in a separate camera.

best travel camera

Waterproof Camera or Go Pro for Sports

If you see yourself doing a lot of water sports on your travels, such as snorkeling, surfing, etc. it might be worth buying a waterproof camera. I took one with me on my New Zealand trip and I had a lot of fun taking photos at the beach, under the water at the swimming pool and on our white water rafting trip. It’s nice to be able to capture your water-based activities without worrying about ruining your camera.

Another option is to bring a GO PRO or other small video camera. I have seen a lot of travellers using them, especially those who like sports and adventure activities. You can strap the camera to your helmet while bungee jumping, mountain biking or rock climbing and make some pretty impressive videos. These video cameras also have waterproof cases, so that you can use them while participating in water sports.

best travel camera

Ultimately, the best travel camera you bring will depend on your budget, your level of interest in photography and the types of situations you will be using it in. If you aren’t sure, go chat with someone at your local electronics store so that they can explain the features of each camera.

Consider your options, but don’t let them convince you to pay more than you need to if all you want is a simple camera for sharing your travel snaps on Facebook.

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