A Virtual Walk Through Toledo, Spain

I’m not lying when I say that Toledo is one of the most impressive historic small cities that I’ve ever visited. Located in the heart of Spain, a short train ride from its capital of Madrid, Toledo actually used to be the first capital of the country. Despite its rather small size, it is chock-full with monuments, historic buildings, religious structures and other interesting features, as these 15 best Toledo Spain photos in this post will show you.

Known as “the city of three cultures”, Toledo was known for centuries as a place where followers of the world’s three largest religions—Christianity, Islam and Judaism—lived in perfect harmony. Nowadays, the relics of this fascinating period are found all over the city. There are mosques and churches, synagogues and temples, palaces and fortresses. It’s this incredible wealth of cultural and historic sites that is the reason UNESCO declared the entire old town of Toledo a World Heritage Site in 1986.

15 Best Toledo Spain Photos: Square in Toledo
One of many squares

It’s an absolutely stunning place, offering more sites and sights that one could possibly visit in one day. In fact, it is strongly recommended to dedicate two or three days to this gem of a city. Its proximity to Madrid makes it easily accessible. There really is no reason to skip it if you’re in the area.

In addition to visiting the main attractions—religious buildings, fortresses and the like—the real fun of a trip to Toledo lies in wandering the maze-like center of the old town. Countless streets and alleyways wind their ways up and down hills, intersecting, merging and splitting up as they go. Exploring these streets (without a map) is a whole lot of fun. You can expect a hidden square or beautiful building behind virtually every street corner.

So now, join me on a virtual walk through this stunning medieval city in central Spain in the following 15 best Toledo Spain photos!

A Virtual World Heritage Walk: 15 Best Toledo Spain Photos

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