How to Have Your Best Time In Riga

The Gothic skyscrapers that dominate the skyline and the exuberant art nouveau form the flesh and the spirit of Riga, the biggest metropolis in the Baltics. The capital city of Latvia has endless exploring opportunities for everyone. The pristine display of architecture, the colourful wooden houses and the rich culture that painted Riga’s history are the things that gave Latvian postcards international fame. The city has a vibrant nightlife, and that is why it is popular among stags and hens. Here are some ways to have your best time in Riga.

Aerial view of Riga; best time in Riga
Daugava River in Riga

Admire the panoramic view from St. Peter’s Church

Riga is blessed with medieval buildings and churches that are thought to be around 800 years old. St. Peter’s Church is one of the oldest medieval buildings in the Baltic. It forms the centrepiece of Riga’s skyline and is enriched with features and impressive architecture.

Behind the church spreads the whole city, from blue waters of Daugava river to the red roofs of the Old Town. Many art exhibitions of the city are also held at the church, where local artists display their talent.

St Peter's Church and the House of the Blackheads in Riga Town Square
St Peter’s Church and the House of the Blackheads in Riga Town Square

Sunbathing at Jurmala Beach

The city’s wide stretch of white sand beach borders the expansive waters of the gulf. A trip to Jurmala is ideal if your best time in Riga includes a beach break.

Sunbathe under the warm rays of the sun and take a dip in the waters of this beach. There is more to the seaside resort city of Jurmala than the beach. Once you are done exploring the beach, you can go to Majori, situated in the centre of Jurmala. It is filled with affordable restaurants and nightclubs that are bustling with locals and tourists alike. Treat yourself with alcohol and have a gala time.

Enjoying the scintillating nightlife

With a vibrant and unstoppable atmosphere at night, Riga attracts more visitors and tourists than any other Baltic city. As dusk falls and the stars start shining, the city’s night pulse starts throbbing. The inimitable atmosphere of the city will make you crave more.

The city is famous for its crazy party scene and is one of the most popular hen party destinations in Europe. The pubs and nightclubs do not have an entry fee, making Riga’s nightlife different from other European cities. You can save big to spend more on alcohol inside.

The city is filled with bars and pubs, each not too far from another, making pub crawling easier. Try Riga Black Balsam in any bar that you hit. Do not leave Riga without trying this famous Latvian Balsam.

Art nouveau facade; best time in Riga
Art Nouveau architecture in Riga

Walk through Art Nouveau district

If you are an art fanatic, you’ll have your best time in Riga. The Art Nouveau district, centrally located in the city to the north of the Old Town, is ideal for exploration on foot. It boasts the city’s greatest artistic masterpieces.

The buildings exhibit detailed work reflecting the influence of 19th-century artists. However, on closer inspection you can find some remnants of old architecture. The famous Art Nouveau Museum is located on Albert Street. On visiting the museum, you will be able to study better the features of Art Nouveau and the authentic interior of the style.

Shop at Riga Central Market and Latgalite Flea Market

You cannot afford to miss shopping at the Central Market if you want to have your best time in Riga. The market is a treasure trove of food, groceries, earthy sausage, smoked fish and much more. One of Europe’s biggest outdoor markets is housed within World War I German Zeppelin hangars and bustles with locals and tourists. Pack up your bag and head over to one of the pavement cafes for a quick bite.

Riga is monocentric, meaning everything is close to each other. Latgalite Flea Market, locally called the Latgalite, is just next to the Riga Central Market. Unlike the Central Market, you can buy all kinds of things in Lagalite, from old vinyl records to iPhones to second-hand bicycles. A few years ago, the market was a pretty dodgy area, but things are getting better now.

River and trees; best time in Riga
Latvian country scene

Day Trip to Sigulda or Cesis

Pack up your rucksack and take the first bus or train to Cesis for a day trip from Riga. Take a stroll around the town and after you are done exploring, take a train to Sigulda. Both these towns are small and are in the same direction, so you can cover them both in one day; you will cross Sigulda when going to Cesis by train.

The charming towns of Cesis and Sigulda offer an interesting and eye-opening view to the rich history of the country as a whole.


Riga’s historical and architectural wealth lend the city a nostalgic charm, but the scintillating nightlife and modern advancements add an interesting twist to the city’s aura. You have many choices for having your best time in Riga.

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