Hidden Gems beneath tall shadows of shopping malls in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore –it is easily the metropolitan/cosmopolitan Asian Tiger’s national hobby.

Though a tiny island and city state, it boasts impressive strips of polished air-conditioned shopping malls, it really doesn’t take long for one to be face-to-face with the retail prowess of this first-class global city where large departmental stores, glitzy designer outlets, high-end chic boutiques and prominent international fashion chains sparkle.

Yet, to overlook the hidden treasure trove of pre-loved, second-hand, retro and vintage goods that lay within thrift stores and flea markets would be a sure pity.

Best Thrift Shops in Singapore: Thrift Stores, Singapore
Thrift Stores, Singapore

Best Thrift Shops in Singapore

Make sure you show some love to the following places:

New2U Thrift Store – 96 Waterloo St, Bencoolen

Best Thrift Shops in Singapore: new2u-thrift-shop

Relieve your anxiety of wearing the same clothes as someone else by visiting New2U in Bencoolen. Far removed from the store racks of multiple manufactured clothing which look the same;all proceeds go into providing care services for women and children.

Salvation Army’s Thrift Stores – Various locations, Singapore

Best Thrift Shops in Singapore: salvation-army-singapore

As with New2U and other charity thrift shops like the Salvation Army, money spent will never be a waste – money goes to wider community needs to financially support those who need it.

The Heritage Shop – 93 Jalan Sultan #01-01

Best Thrift Shops in Singapore: the-heritage-shop-singapore

We certainly rewarded our reconnaissance parrot well with this one. The Heritage Shop is one spot well  uncovered containing a whole amassment of nostalgic gold. It’s home to vintage wonders with distinctly Singaporean flair – explore domestic and societal history of Singapore through these items.

Hock Siong & Co. – 153 Kampong Ampat

Best Thrift Shops in Singapore: hock-siong-and-co-singapore

Hock Siong is located deep the factory area in Tai Seng. There are numerous trinkets on display to old artworks, tables and gas lamps from yesteryear. Hock Siong & Co is the place you venture into when you’re looking for that one talking point piece for your living room or study.

Bonus tip: Singapore is brilliantly situated at a central geographical location (what with it being a historically flourishing entrepôt city and all), and that means that you can even hop on the plane for a super quick flight to neighbouring Asian countries. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a hidden gem in Bali, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong.

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