5 Fab Things To Do In Sheffield, England

I’m well aware that I haven’t posted in a while, and that is not something I like to admit! However I’ve been so busy working full time and desperately trying to save every last scrap of dollar so I can actually leave the country at some point this year. It’s not like me not to have gone anywhere new by the April-May part of the year. Hopefully I’ll get to spend my wanderlust somewhere new and interesting in the summer.

I’ve been living in Sheffield since October, and it’s definitely safe to say that I’m really happy I chose to move here. It’s in Yorkshire on the edge of the stunning Peak District, it’s in a conveniently central location meaning Leeds is just 40 minutes away and London 2 hours away on the train, and the people have been so welcoming and friendly, perhaps even on par with the Irish! This might sound a bit cheesy, but I really do feel like I belong in Sheffield; I feel like I can actually settle down here for a few years. And I’ve never felt like this before! Dublin always felt so temporary, and I knew for the whole time living in the Algarve that I’d have to go back to the UK at some point.

Anyway, that’s my little introductory speech over – whether you live locally or are thinking of visiting Sheffield in the not too distant future, here are my thoughts on the 5 best things to do in Sheffield when you come here.

5 Best Things to Do in Sheffield, England

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Sheffield doesn’t have the best city centre for shopping; if you want to head to a city with a spot-on high street in the centre, Leeds is your best bet. But, if you’re willing to travel a mere 5 minutes on the train to Meadowhall, you’ll find that it’s definitely worth the short trip. Meadowhall is the tenth biggest shopping centre in the UK, and literally has anything you could ask for. There’s nothing better than making a day of it after pay day and exploring the huge H&M and New Look shops, getting lost in Paperchase (a gem of a shop, probably my favourite), catching the latest film at the on-site cinema, and eating ’til you can’t no more in the impressive food court. Cheers, Sheffield!

5 Best Things to Do in Sheffield, England Meadowhall Shopping Centre
Meadowhall Shopping Centre by Andrew on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Enjoy The Views

Unlike many other cities, Sheffield is right on the edge of the rolling hills and lush green landscape of the Peak District National Park. Something that’s on my to-do list for the next few weeks is to take the bus from Sheffield City Centre to the renowned Chatsworth House, an old stately home with gorgeous gardens and an impressive art collection inside. More adventurous peeps can go cycling, hiking or even climbing in the Peak District, and foodies can make the most of the ‘hidden gem’ restaurants in the compact towns and villages.

5 Best Things to Do in Sheffield, England: Peak District, UK
Peak District, UK by ReflectedSerendipity on Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

Soak Up The History

Sheffield is a great location for history buffs, because there’s so much of it! Visit the Kelham Island Museum, which focuses on Sheffield’s rich industrial heritage. Opened in 1982, this museum stands on a 900-year old man-made island, and tells the story of skilled workmanship and the steel industry in Sheffield. Escape the bustling city centre by visiting Bishops’ House, a half-timbered house that dates all the way back to the late 1400s! It’s open every Saturday and Sunday, and makes the perfect weekend day out.

5 Best Things to Do in Sheffield, England: Bishops House
Bishops House by happymillerman on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Catch A Concert

Music lovers come from all over the country to catch a concert in Sheffield. The Motorpoint Arena and the O2 Academy Sheffield host awesome concerts and shows each and every week throughout the year, so it’s definitely worth catching one when you’re in Sheffield. I love nothing more than a good meal before a concert, and one of my fave restaurants in Sheffield has to be the U Buffet on West Street. It’s not exactly round the corner from the Motorpoint, but the taxi ride is so worth it! Eat all the Chinese and Japanese food you can for an exceptionally low cost; just make sure you go on a near-empty stomach!

5 Best Things to Do in Sheffield, England: Mumford and Sons, Sheffield show
Mumford and Sons, Sheffield show by moi! 🙂

Go On A Night Out

No matter how obscure your interests and preferences are, you’ll find a bar (or five!) that you love in Sheffield. I’ve certainly found a few, and the aspect of Sheffield nightlife I love the most is that no two bars are the same. Start at the top of West Street, and work your way down – that’s where all the best bars are to start the night. Have pre-drinks and a natter at the Cavendish, have a little boogie at Hutton’s, and enjoy the old-school/chart music combo at Walkabout. Corporation Sheffield always has loads of gigs and shows on, so it’s worth catching one of those at some point, too!

5 Best Things to Do in Sheffield, England: West Street Live
West Street Live, Sheffield by Adam Bruderer // CC BY 2.0

These are my 5 best things to do in Sheffield. Have you visited Sheffield, and what would you include, as there are so many other attractions and places to experience?

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