Things to Do on a Day Out in Cleethorpes, England

For those of you who have read my posts before, you’ll probably know that I’m from the once-thriving fishing port of Grimsby on the northern coast of England. (And yes, it was the subject of Sacha Baron Cohen’s pisstake film earlier in the year. Great press.) Anyway, what a lot of people don’t know about the lovely GY is that it’s connected to the sleepy but stunning seaside town of Cleethorpes. Us locals consider Grimsby and Cleethorpes as one, since they’re only down the road from one another. In the winter, Cleethorpes seafront is pretty dead, but the summer sees tourists flocking from all over the country. It’s easily accessible, with trains departing every hour from Manchester, Doncaster and Sheffield stations, among others. So, if you’re considering a cheap and cheerful day out by the seaside, then here are the best things to do in Cleethorpes on a day out in Lincolnshire.

Best Things to Do in Cleethorpes

Pleasure Island Theme Park

Perfect for families with children, or just those who love a bit of fun and adventure, Pleasure Island is a theme park with a wide range of rides to suit every type of tourist. Daredevils will love the fast-paced roller-coasters, whereas those who prefer to relax will feel at ease on the pedal boats or sunbathing on the grass. For a fairly small seaside town Pleasure Island is surprisingly big, and attracts a substantial number of tourists each summer. The range of rides and activities will keep even the fussiest of tourists entertained for hours. Tickets are reasonably priced, too!

Best Things to Do in Cleethorpes Beach and Pier ENGLAND uNITED kINGDOM
Cleethorpes Beach and Pier

Seaview Street

This has to be one of my favourite places in Cleethorpes. Home to many summer and Christmas markets, this pretty winding street has some of the best boutique shops I’ve ever visited. If you’re like me and love finding nifty little souvenirs and bespoke home decor items, as well as one-of-a-kind jewellery by independent designers, then you’ll find this is the perfect place to shop. Seaview Street is also home to some award-winning restaurants like the French restaurant Petit Delight.

Best Things to Do in Cleethorpes: Riverside Bar Restaurant Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire England United Kingdom
Riverside Bar and Restaurant: Photo on Flickr by Adam Bruderer / CC BY 2.0

Sample the Best Fish & Chips

It’s a well-known fact that Grimsby and Cleethorpes is home to the best fish & chips in the country, so in that case, the world! I’d say, as a local, that the best restaurants to sample some of our speciality is Seaway on Alexandra Road or Ocean Fish Bar on St Peter’s Avenue. What I love about where I’m from is that its remote northern location means prices are so much more reasonable than they are down south, so a hearty fish & chips feast won’t set you back much at all. Oh – and haddock. It has to be haddock.

Best Things to Do in Cleethorpes: The best chip shop in Cleethorpes England United Kingdom
The best chip shop in Cleethorpes: Photo on Flickr by Dave Smith / CC BY 2.0

Enjoy a Long Stroll

Simple, peaceful and completely free, there’s nothing better than taking a long stroll along the Cleethorpes seafront on a summer’s day. In fact, this is what the locals tend to do for enjoyment and a bit of sun during the summer, and tourists can’t get enough of it. Start at the pier and treat yourself to a Mr Whippy ice-cream, a bag of donuts or a cone of chips along the way. If you walk far enough, you’ll head past Cleethorpes Leisure Centre and then on to the Boating Lake, which is one of the loveliest places ever. Here you’ll find a modern children’s play area and sandpit, plenty of grass to sunbathe on, and a sparkling lake that stretches out for a mile. The Boating Lake also features a fully-stocked cafe, The Discovery Centre, which I used to work at! Just please, whatever you do, stay away from the geese. There’s a reason I’m scared of them and that’s because they’re all insane.

Best Things to Do in Cleethorpes: View from the pedalo boating lake England United Kingdom Lincolnshire
View from the pedalo on Cleethorpes Boating Lake: Photo on Flickr by Paul Stainthorp / CC BY-SA 2.0

Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway

The Coast Light Railway is a great option for those who tend to get tired from walking and need to stop often. The depot has a lovely cafe and is even home to the smallest pub in the world (as you’ll see from the painfully obvious sign outside it). The steam trains run at regular intervals and provide great views of Cleethorpes along the entire track. This is actually something I’ve never done, well, not that I can remember, anyway. Will definitely have to give it a try next time I’m home!

Best Things to Do in Cleethorpes: Sutton Flyer at North Sea Lane England United Kingdom Lincolnshire
Sutton Flyer at North Sea Lane: Photo on Flickr by Paul Stainthorp / CC BY-SA 2.0

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