Themed Cruises You Won’t Believe Exist!

We’ve all heard of yoga cruises where you spend your days meditating and taking part in yoga classes, as well as culinary cruises where celebrity chefs teach you how to cook and famous mixologists show you how to mix drinks, but did you know that there are other themed cruises, too? Some of them more creative, exciting and incredible than you could ever have imagined!

If you want to incorporate your favourite out-there hobby or pastime into your next cruise, check out these themed cruises you won’t believe exist!

Some of the Best Themed Cruises

Walking Dead Cruises

Are you into blood, guts and zombies? Then the Walking Dead cruise is for you! This unique themed cruise is held each year in January, during which the cast from the famous zombie TV show treat travellers to Q&A sessions, themed parties, autograph signings and zombie makeovers. The TV stars are onboard for the full duration of the cruise, so there’s a chance you’ll get to rub shoulders with them in the bars, restaurants and by the pool, too – not just during the organised activities.

Best Themed Cruises: Get ready for zombie makeovers onboard a Walking Dead cruise
Get ready for zombie makeovers onboard a Walking Dead cruise: Photo Daniel / CC 2.0

Murder Mystery Themed Cruises

You might have been to a murder mystery dinner party round your friend’s house before, but you’ve never seen anything like a murder mystery cruise. In May 2016, Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas will play host to a murder mystery cruise in which you get to play a part – you could even become the prime suspect! In order to get yourself of the hook, you’ll need to collect clues from each of the ports of call and put them together to work out who the murderer is. Not only that, but you’ll also get your hands on loads of murder mystery freebies and have the chance to attend a murder mystery writing workshop!

Best Themed Cruises: Figure out who the murderer is before you get the blame!
Figure out who the murderer is before you get the blame: Photo Paurian / CC 2.0

Nude Themed Cruises

Love getting an all-over tan? Then nude cruising might just be the type of holiday you’re looking for! Each year, Bare Necessities organises several cruises onboard various Carnival ships which take nude sunbathing to a whole new level. Clothing is usually optional in every onboard location and nude-friendly activities, such as body painting and ‘Nudapalooza’ music festivals are organised. Ports of call also include nudist beaches and sometimes even entire nudist resorts where you don’t have to wear a single stitch of clothing.

Best Themed Cruises: Pack lightly for a nude cruise
Pack lightly for a nude cruise: Photo Memphis CVB / CC BY-ND 2.0

Star Trek Themed Cruises

You’ll find Trekkies all over the world – and the high seas are no exception! On each annual Star Trek cruise, actors and members of the production staff from past and current series are onboard to act out live performances from the programme, take part in comedy shows, lead Q&As and just generally have a good time like everyone else. The evenings are a touch more light hearted, with themed parties, interactive games, movie showings and board game tournaments.

Best Themed Cruises: Mingle amongst your favourite Star Trek stars
Mingle amongst your favourite Star Trek stars: Photo James Vaughan / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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