Best Singapore Rooftop Bars

Singapore is a city that promises experiences that will forever be imprinted in your memories. One such experience can be had at the best Singapore rooftop bars. Throughout the day, your day exploring Singapore is bound to be so eventful that you will need to quietly unwind in a bar with your favorite drink, and good company for conversations. The rooftop bars is the place to be. Singapore citizens too head to these places after hours, and during weekends. Dining and drinking in a rooftop bar is a great way to further add to your Singapore holidays.

Best Singapore Rooftop Bars for a Memorable Evening


Singapore Rooftop Bars

Any mention of rooftop restaurants in Singapore, and the name 1-Altitude is bound to be mentioned. This is highest rooftop bar in Singapore, and occupies the top three levels of One Raffles Place. 1-Altitude has multiple al fresco dining areas, lounge area, bars, and an enticing dance floor that is mostly packed during weekends. Though the super swank place is priced on the higher side, once you taste the food, drinks, and take in the view, you’ll know the price is worth it.

SuperTree by IndoChine

SuperTree by IndoChine. Singapore Rooftop Bars

In the Gardens by the Bay, there are man-made solar powered trees made up of photovoltaic solar panels. They are called SuperTrees. Atop the tallest tree is the most unique rooftop bar in the world. SuperTree by IndoChine serves drinks, and Asian and Western cuisine that is as good as any top-class restaurant. However, the selling point is dining and drinking in a gigantic man-made tree. You will feel like you are in a nest. This will be an experience you won’t forget anytime soon.

Zsofi Tapas Bar

Zsofi Tapas Bar. Singapore Rooftop Bars

If you are staying in one of the budget hotels and resorts in Singapore that do not have any rooftop bars, you can head to Little India to enjoy a drink  and delicious food at the Zsofi Tapas Bar. Though this place is not at all located on a high rooftop, you will still enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere. There’s a live DJ, and below is Middle Eastern restaurant serving delicious and spicy food. It is a great place to enjoy on a budget.


Loof. Singapore Rooftop Bars

Loof may not be expensive in price, but it is rich in the experience it provides. Loof was the first rooftop bar in Singapore, but now, several more luxurious one have mushroomed over the years. It may not give views like other restaurants, but the Loof serves great food, and drinks at amazing prices. They have a ‘Beat the Clock’ system where they start serving drinks from 5:00 pm at really low prices. The price keeps increasing with each passing hour right up till 8:30 pm. The places is packed with patrons who enjoy the casual atmosphere.

New Asia Bar

New Asia Bar. Singapore Rooftop Bars

There are Singapore rooftop bars that give you a great view of the city, but the New Asia Bar also gives you a view of the neighbouring country, Malaysia. Regarded by many ‘Top Rooftop Bar Restaurants in World’ lists as one of the best in the word, the New Asia Bar is a versatile place that serves all kinds of revellers. During the weekend, the place turns into party central, and during weekdays, in the early hours, they have low priced drinks, offers, and promotions. The New Asia Bar is an integral part of Singaporean culture, and a must-see for all tourists.

LeVel 33

Level 33. Singapore Rooftop Bars

It would be a crime not to mention the world’s highest brewery in the list of top Singapore rooftop bars. LeVel 33 is a stunning bar providing stunning views of the Marina Bay. However, the main attraction of the bar is the delicious range of home-brewed beers that satiate every flavour profile. Patrons can opt for their favourite beer, and have a tasting selection of all the beers on the menu. High on quality, these beers are best had with baby back ribs and spicy chicken wings.

Ku De Ta / Ce La Vi  

Ce La Vi. Singapore Rooftop Bars

Your Singapore holiday would be incomplete if you’ve not visited Ce La Vi, which was formerly known as Ku De Ta. This rooftop bar is located in the Marina Sands Bay Complex, and has separate zones that include a lounge, poolside terrace, and the rooftop bar. Ce La Vi is located 200 meters above the city, and the views are as good as the views you get from the Singapore Flyer.

The above mentioned Singapore rooftop bars are loved and frequented by tourists and locals alike. From exciting views to enticing food and drinks, the bars are a great place to unwind, and experience the true hospitality Singapore is famous for. Though none of the places are located atop budget hotels and resorts in Singapore, tourists can make a visit to these places as a part of their itinerary. After all, such places offer a unique perspective, and make for a great experience.

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