The Secret Burgers of Cambridge

When you find yourself visiting or even staying in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is inevitable that you’ll hear about the secret burgers of Cambridge and find yourself intrigued. Who wouldn’t right? The marketing plot worked and in this college town, home to both Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there are three main players. These restaurants each offer a “secret burger” on their menu. Many locals are partial to where the trend started: Craigie on Main, but my suggestion to you is to try them all and determine for yourself which one is the best.

The Best Secret Burgers of Cambridge

Craigie on Main

Secret Burgers of Cambridge,Craigie on Main
Craigie on Main

Let’s start from the beginning of the secret burgers of Cambridge trend at Craigie on Main. Tony Maws, the restaurant owner and chef, never wanted to be known as a burger connoisseur to begin with. His restaurant offers fine French cuisine that prides itself with fresh ingredients and innovative mixture of flavours but thanks to Bon Appétit magazine that featured the burger in its cover some seven years ago, people started flocking to his restaurant to eat a whole lot of beef.

What’s the secret? Grass fed beef and that in-house mace ketchup.

Address: 853 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Alden and Harlow

Secret Burgers of Cambridge,Alden and Harlow
Alden and Harlow

Relatively new to the best secret burgers of Cambridge scene is the one from Alden and Harlow. Though the secret reference is somewhat debatable (it’s readily listed on their main menu), the restaurant only serves a limited quantity. Unlike Craigie on Main, Alden and Harlow patrons can order the burger at regular tables. It’s also slightly smaller in size and comes with chips instead of fries.

What’s the secret? There’s a hint of smokiness in the patty and that irresistible Cabot cheese tuile.

Address: 40 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Russell House Tavern

best Secret Burgers of Cambridge, Russell House Tavern
Russell House Tavern

When you Google the best secret burgers of Cambridge, the Russell House Tavern may not readily show on the first page of search results but ask any local and they will tell you that it’s just as good, if not even better, than that of the first two on this list. Another staple within a short distance unique in its offering because it’s served in an English muffin as opposed to a bun, Russell House’s “secret” burger doesn’t appear on the menu and varies daily based on the ingredients available.

What’s the secret? Grass fed beef and the element of surprise every time!

Address: 14 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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