World’s Best Romantic Cities

Some cities are best explored with a partner, particularly those that boast centuries old castles and immensely beautiful structures all throughout. As you walk along some of its cobblestone streets, you’ll start to feel tingly with excitement while simple activities such as a walk along the riverbank floods you with such dreamy sentiments. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so start planning your getaway in one of these romantic cities.

Best Romantic Cities in the World

Florence, Italy

Best Romantic Cities in the World: Piazza del Duomo
Piazza del Duomo

When someone mentions “romantic cities,” I couldn’t help but think about Florence, Italy first. Perhaps it’s because the city itself resembles a painting on a canvass. Brunelleschi’s dome towers over the city and is perhaps the most recognized Renaissance structure in the city after Michelangelo’s brilliant masterpiece, David. Then there’s the River Arno and its gentle streams. A stroll along its riverbank renders visitors with lovely views of Florence’s red-roofed houses and the rolling hills of the nearby Tuscan countryside.

Must do: pack a picnic and watch the sunset from Piazza Michelangelo

Paris, France

Best Romantic Cities in the World: Marais District, Paris
Marais District, Paris

There are too many reasons why Paris, France lands a spot in this list of the best romantic cities in the world. First and foremost, the city itself is just beautiful, particularly the neighborhoods surrounding its famous grand boulevard, Champs Elysee. Take the Marais District for example. It houses a number of well-preserved buildings that boast the best in Gothic to Neo Renaissance architecture. Paris also seduces with food and wine. Try the flavors infused within a delicate French macaron and then share a bottle of wine while you watch Parisians walk by.

Must do: Secure a spot on the Trocadero with bread and cheese in hand and take in some of the best views of the Eiffel Tower

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Romantic Cities in the World: San Telmo, Buenos Aires
San Telmo, Buenos Aires

The Argentinean capital permeates romance, from its grand European-style structures to its energetic Latin American vibe. Start your stay in Buenos Aires with a visit to San Telmo, the city’s oldest barrio on a Sunday and browse locally made art while your better half looks for that perfect antique. Then take a leisurely break at one of its cafés and listen to musicians happily performing along its narrow, colonial streets. At night, indulge on some of the best steaks in the world and pair them with a bold and full-bodied glass of Argentinean Malbec.

Must do: Sign-up for a class to learn the sensual and seductive steps of the Tango

Budapest, Hungary

Best Romantic Cities in the World: Buda Castle and Chain Bridge
Buda Castle and Chain Bridge

Budapest certainly benefitted greatly as the co-capital of the once powerful Astro-Hungarian Empire. The city is littered with stunning Neo Renaissance and Art Nouveau structures built specifically to commemorate the city’s founding 1,000 years earlier. In addition to being dubbed as the “Paris of the East,” Budapest is also known as the spa capital of Europe, with over a dozen beautiful thermal baths that couples can take advantage of for relaxation.

Must do: Walk across the Chain Bridge at night into Buda and soak in the panoramic views of the Hungarian Parliament

San Francisco, California

Best Romantic Cities in the World: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

As soon as you set your feet in San Francisco, you can’t help but replay quibbles of Tony Bennett’s I Left My Heart in San Francisco song in your head and quite understandably so. The City by the Bay’s allure goes beyond the Victorian homes that line one of the many steep streets or the grand Art Deco mansions with sweeping vistas in neighborhoods like Pacific Heights. And just like Paris, San Francisco attracts with great food. Adventurous couples will likely share memories of trying something they’ve never even heard of before. That’s because the city’s innovative culture extends to food. Finally, there’s no argument to be made as to why San Francisco deserves to be one of the best romantic cities in the world when fog slowly dissipates and reveals the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge.

Must do: Ride a bike through the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito, the charming town across the San Francisco Bay and then take a ferry back to the city

Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Romantic Cities in the World: Old and New Town, Edinburgh
Old and New Town, Edinburgh

Writers throughout the ages have penned their masterpieces while staying in Edinburgh, Scotland, inspired by the dramatic views of the steadfast Edinburgh Castle and the natural sceneries that beckon the nearby North Sea. The city presents visitors with a combination of intriguing history, stunning architecture, and gorgeous landscape. Walk along the historic Royal Mile and listen to a bagpiper spurt out patriotic tunes or take a hike up Arthur’s Seat at nearby Holyrood Park and see for yourself why the Scottish cultural capital landed a spot as one of the world’s best romantic cities.

Must do: Spend some time hiking in Holyrood Park where you’ll find medieval castle ruins and where you’ll get a preview of the gorgeous landscapes the Scottish Highlands are famous for

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