Best Bucket List Road Trip Destinations

There’s nothing quite like piling into your car with your family or group of friends and heading for the open road. In the same way that cruising allows you to enjoy loads of different travel destinations in one holiday, a road trip lets you to explore a huge expanse of land and stop off at loads of exciting locations along the way – again, all within a single holiday.

Best Road Trip Destinations

If you like the idea of stopping off at remote villages to mix with the locals, snapping endless photos of stunning sunsets and driving along some of the world’s most challenging and interesting roads, check out these best road trip destinations which you need to add to your travel bucket list:

Best Road Trip Destinations: Family road trip
Family road trip: Photo José Cuervo Elorza / CC 2.0

North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand’s incredibly varied landscape makes it one of the best road trip destinations in the world and what better way to explore than by signing up for an organised self-drive holiday? These trips include flights, car rental and driving itineraries, so you don’t need to sweat the small stuff – you only need to concentrate on the charismatic scenery and unparalleled experience. North Island is one of the top favourites in New Zealand for road trips, where you’ll cruise past ancient volcanic peaks, rugged untouched coastlines and scenes from Lord of the Rings you won’t believe aren’t computer-generated.

Best Road Trip Destinations: Maori rock carvings at Mine Bay on Lake Taupō in North Island, New Zealand
Maori rock carvings at Mine Bay on Lake Taupo: Photo Abaconda Management Group / CC 2.0

Route 66, US

Driving along the iconic 3,940km-long Route 66 in the US lets you step back into America’s past to the time of gaudy neon signs, mom-and-pop grocery stores and traditional milkshake-serving diners delivered by girls on roller-skates. Accommodation options are few and far between along this road, so you’re best off hiring a motorhome in Chicago and taking your bed with you along the way. Driving the full length of Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica requires a full two weeks of dedication, but the time spent is more than worth it for the thrill of driving from one side of a country to the other, the chance to visit greasy spoon-type cafes that surprisingly exceed expectations and the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of so many film stars before you.

Best Road Trip Destinations: Route 66 in US
Route 66 in US: Photo Randy Heinitz / CC 2.0

Cornwall, England

Don’t think you have to travel halfway around the world for an amazing road trip – there are many incredible ones to be found across Europe. Hire a car from London Gatwick airport and drive to the south western tip of the country until you reach Cornwall. This bohemian beach town is so beautiful and tropical you’re likely to completely forget you’re in rainy Britain. Here you’ll be persuaded to drive along tiny two-way roads which are only really wide enough for one car for the chance to soak up sights of picture-perfect golden beaches lapped by glistening aquamarine waters peppered with surfers on one side and lush grassy banks dotted with picnickers on the other.

Best Road Trip Destinations: Coastline in Cornwall, England
Coastline in Cornwall, England: Photo Giuseppe Milo / CC 2.0

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