Weehawken, the Village Across the Hudson River

If there’s an area in the greater New York City metropolitan region that has the best all-around views of Manhattan, Weehawken definitely is not the first town that comes to mind. Only it should because this village across the Hudson River occupies some of the most coveted real estate on the New Jersey waterfront, all with incredible views of Manhattan. Small though it might be, Weehawken is a township that’s earned its place in American history, and this article is meant to introduce you to this charming and quiet village across the Hudson River.

Best Restaurants in Weehawken: The Village Across the Hudson River
View of Manhattan Skyline from Weehawken: Photo Andy Sawieljew

Where Is It and How Do I Get There?

Weehawken, New Jersey lies directly across the Hudson River from midtown Manhattan. Its waterfront location encompasses the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel and recreational areas like Weehawken Waterfront Park and Weehawken Dueling Grounds. It’s also at the southern part of the New Jersey Palisades and directly above Hoboken. The center of town is about 20 miles away from John F. Kennedy International airport, 13 miles away from La Guardia airport, and 15 miles away from Newark International airport putting within a half hour’s drive (without traffic) from all three major airports. Weehawken has transport connections via ferry, bus, and train to Manhattan making it easy for visitors to commute to the city.

Best Restaurants in Weehawken: The Village Across the Hudson River
New York Waterway Ferry

A Touch of History

The written history of Weehawken began some 400 years back when Henry Hudson set anchor in an area near the Lincoln Tunnel entrance. Since then, the town developed as a plantation where vegetables and orchard fruits were grown and traded to an area then called New Amsterdam. Weehawken also served as a lookout for revolutionaries during the American Revolutionary War. It was also a famous dueling ground that hosted a number of recorded battles including the infamous one between General Alexander Hamilton and then Secretary of the Treasury Aaron Burr. Nowadays, the town serves as a major transportation hub.

Best Restaurants in Weehawken, New Jersey

Apart from its parks and waterfront dining, most of the Weehawken township area is made up of residential homes, with the exception a particular mansion on 49 Hauxhurst Avenue. This former home of a brewing heir was converted into the township’s public library and sits atop a hill just before the Lincoln Tunnel’s entrance. It’s Germanic architectural style mimics that of a small castle perched above the Rhine River valley. It’s definitely worth checking out, if only for the views.

Best Restaurants in Weehawken: The Village Across the Hudson River
Weehawken Free Public Library: Photo Nightscream / CC 3.0

Why Stay Here?

Those who want a bit of peace and quiet without having to give up the convenience of being right in the heart of Manhattan in less than 15 minutes will benefit from staying at Weehawken hotels. It has a small town ambiance mainly because most of its inhabitants and those of nearby towns like Union City and Hoboken have been residents for some time. Finally, there’s likely no other area in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan region that has complete and unobstructed views of Manhattan everywhere you turn.

Best Restaurants in Weehawken: Satisfy a Gurgling Stomach

This is a great place to eat! Here are some of the best restaurants in Weehawken.

As mentioned earlier, Weehawken has a unique location covering a huge chunk of the New Jersey waterfront and in it are a handful of restaurants that offer incredible views. So if you’re feeling peckish but don’t fancy heading to Manhattan, head over to Houlihan’s and indulge in their Happier Hour specials where you can get $5 drafts and appetizers. The relaxed chain restaurant also offers an expansive menu that includes soups, salads, and the typical pub fare.

A definite placer in our list of best restaurants in Weehawken is The Chart House. If you’re looking for a classier spot and an even more fantastic view, reserve a table in this restaurant, which sits right at the edge of the pier. Make sure to ask to have a seat by the window so you can dine in the shadow of the glistening Manhattan skyline. Another great spot is Molos Restaurant, a modern Mediterranean and upscale riverfront eatery that’s popular for brunch. Order yourself a Grecian frittata and top it off with their tzatziki for a healthy but fulfilling breakfast.

Best Restaurants in Weehawken: The Village Across the Hudson River
View from Molos Restaurant

Weehawken, the village across the Hudson River, is often overshadowed by its more famous neighborhoods to the south and west, but if you look at a map, there’s no doubt that it possesses some of the most coveted areas bordering the Hudson River. Despite its limited major points of interests, it remains an important location for commerce and a worthy alternative place to stay when visiting New York City.

I hope our simple guide to the city and to some of the best restaurants in Weehawken will help you plan your next trip around NYC!

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