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Edinburgh has a mass of watering holes and as the legend goes, we Scots like a wee dram or two.   This also shows in the figures with Edinburgh having the most pubs and licensed premises in Scotland. At the last count this was over 720 pubs!

Some of the Best Pubs in Edinburgh

Jekyll and Hyde

The Jekyll and Hyde is located on Hanover Street, Edinburgh.  One of the eerie concept pubs named after the good Dr Jekyll from Robert Louis Stevenson’s, split personality of the law abiding Dr Jekyll and the mischievous Mr Hyde. Enjoy the darkened ambiance in one of the cosy booths, alongside the collections of lotions and potions, not to mention the drinks on offer include test tube concoctions.  The mysterious bathrooms are shrouded in secrecy, here’s a clue, look towards the large books cases.

Best Pubs in Edinburgh: What mad going's on in the Jekyll and Hyde.
What mad going’s on in the Jekyll and Hyde.

Ensign Ewart

Ensign Ewart dates back to 1690 located on the Royal Mile only a few steps from the Castle, great place to stop and catch your breath. Enjoy the traditional cosy atmosphere, wooden beams and great hospitality.  The pub is named after Ensign Charles Ewart a Scottish soldier who served in the Royal North Dragoon Guards, more commonly know as the Scots Greys. Ensign is well remembered for capturing the regimental eagle at the Battle of Waterloo.

Best Pubs in Edinburgh: Ensign Ewart at the highest point in Edinburgh.
Ensign Ewart at the highest point in Edinburgh.

Sheep Heid Inn

The Sheep Heid Inn is located in Duddingston, Edinburgh the oldest pub in Edinburgh dating back to 1360.  It is said that it was the stop off point for Mary Queen of Scots on her journey between Craigmillar Castle and Holyrood Palace. Situated a few minutes walk from Duddingston Loch and the surrounding Holyrood park with the volcanic crags of Arthur’s Seat.  If you have time check out the old skittle ally.

Best Pubs in Edinburgh: The oldest pub in Edinburgh.
The oldest pub in Edinburgh.

The White Hart

The White Hart, located in the Grassmarket one of the oldest streets in the old town of Edinburgh. Voted the most haunted in 2005. The name dating back to 1128 when its said Kind David 1st encountered a white stag while hunting in Holyrood Park. One of its more famous guests is said to have been Robert Burns on his last visit to Edinburgh in 1791. Also rumoured to have been the local, to the notorious Burke and Hare body snatchers.  Edinburgh was up and coming in Medical Science during those times but there was a lack of volunteers William Burke and William Hare were recruited.  A mighty tale now alive, with the goings on of how they assisted the medical profession in Edinburgh by assisting the drunk out of the pub and their corpse into the medical laboratory.

Best Pubs in Edinburgh: The Most Haunted Pub in Edinburgh - The White Hart Inn.
The Most Haunted Pub in Edinburgh – The White Hart Inn.

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