The Best Ports in Americas To Visit

There are lots of ports to visit but some are most definitely much better than others. These being within walking distance to shops, attractions and even the most beautiful beaches. Here are some of the best ports in Americas that you should visit.

Best Ports in Americas. Volcanic Crater, Maui, Hawaii
Volcanic Crater, Maui, Hawaii ©MDHarding

The Best Ports in Americas To Visit

Nassau, Bahamas

All the ships port directly in Nassau, it’s a sight to be seen when there are four or five cruise ships lined up next to one another in the harbour. After a short walk, you are in the centre of Nassau with its busy shopping precinct. This is a great place to buy duty-free perfume, aftershave or some of the worlds most precious gemstones such as emerald, jade or the gem of the Bahamas – Conch Pearl. The pretty pink pearls are some of the rarest and most expensive in the world. There is lots to see and do, such as walking up to the old fort for great views, visiting the resort of Atlantis with its incredible water slides, casino and beaches. Don’t miss watching the piranha’s being fed! There are also horse-drawn carriage rides, swimming with dolphins, going on a thirling speedboat ride. What will you decide to do?

Parliament Square ,Nassau, Bahamas. Best Ports in Americas
Parliament Square ,Nassau, Bahamas – ©MDHarding

Key West, U.S.A

I love Key West maybe for a reason you would never expect? Have you heard of Key Lime Pie? I can highly recommend visiting the Key Lime Pie Shoppe and trying the Key Lime Pie Ice lolly/Pie Bar. It’s cake on a stick, covered in milk chocolate and frozen. Yum! The candy is also delicious. There is so much to do you might need to make a second trip. The Trolley/Train around the main streets is lots of fun and very relaxing or perhaps you would like to do something a little more energetic? Why not try the bicycle tour or kayaking through the mangroves. Key West is very easy to walk around and to visit the local sites such as the lighthouse built in 1825, Ernest Hemingway House & Museum and the Southernmost Point Buoy.

Best Ports in Americas. Key West Shipping Port
Key West Shipping Port ©MDHarding

St Croix, United States Virgin Islands

I don’t know about you but I have gained a fascination with sea glass and St Croix in the US Virgin Islands has the most beautiful glass beaches, with sea glass in lots of pretty pastel colours and sizes.  Here is also where you can buy the unique St Croix bracelets in many designs. After a stroll, while relaxing on the beach look out for the large pelicans!

Best Ports in Americas. Cruising to see Wildlife
Cruising to see Wildlife ©MDHarding

Ketchikan, Alaska

The Alaskan ports are all good in their own right but my favourite is Ketchikan with its quaint Creek Street. Only a few minutes walk away from the ship, cross over the bridge where you can see Salmon leaping (Season dependant) before exploring the little boutique shops. There are also magical helicopter rides including the Ketchikan Fjords, wildlife spotting and more!

Best Ports in Americas. Creek street best shopping in Ketchikan, Alaska
Creek street best shopping in Ketchikan, Alaska ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the best ports in Americas and are inspired to visit some of these great cruise ship ports. Which cruise will you choose to travel on next? Happy Travels:) x

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