Best Places to Visit in Western Australia

The Land Down Under is such a vast and expansive country; that it only stands to reason you would want to take your exploration route one step at a time, or rather, one region at a time. After all, with thousands of kilometers to traverse; one lifetime might feel enough to experience everything this fairytale country has to offer. From endless stretches of honey-hued beaches, to vast mountain ranges where camping is a must; and sweeping fields of wildflowers, all the way to the hustle and bustle of the capital of Perth; there is never a dull moment in the western part of Australia. So, let’s take a deeper look at the best places to visit in Western Australia for all of you outdoor enthusiasts and urban explorers.

Best Places to Visit in Western Australia

Margaret River grapevines,best places to visit in western Australia
Margaret River Grapevines

Surf and chill at Margaret River

Margaret River is a small (almost) coastal town located not a three-hour car ride south of Perth, and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region with shopping, craft breweries, and luxurious wineries frequented by tourists and travelers.

What’s more, this is the place where you want to test your wave-riding skills; as the local waters are extremely welcoming to surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. There are numerous vistas to behold along the expansive coastline; so be sure to visit the Margaret River Mouth Viewpoint, the Surfers Point, and the Redgate Beach further south.

Elizabeth Quay Footbridge, Perth,Best Places to Visit in Western Australia,swan river
Elizabeth Quay Footbridge on the Swan River at sunset

Explore the capital of Perth

Perth, the capital of WA, is a thriving city teeming with life, adventure, and excitement. Out of all the capital cities in Australia, Perth has changed the most in the recent decades, with new urban areas and neighborhoods popping up at every corner and the unique culture of the region attracting millennials, travelers, as well as families looking for a beautiful, healthy place to live.

Indian Ocean, Sunset, Perth,Best Places to Visit in Western Australia
Sunset in Perth

There is no shortage of whole-day (and night) fun here, ranging from water sports such as surfing, sailing, and swimming, to city exploration tours encompassing art galleries, museums, local landmarks and monuments, all the way to artisan restaurants and chic boutiques to please every shopper’s taste and preference. Before you leave, be sure to visit the breathtaking Kings Park and Botanic Garden overlooking Swan River.

Kimberley,Reflections in Geikie Gorge,Best Places to Visit in Western Australia
Reflections in Geikie Gorge, The Kimberleys

Camp in the heart of the Kimberley

When the time comes to take on the wonders of the Aussie outback, you want to head straight for the iconic Gibb River Road, where you will be driving and trekking through red-rock gorges, vast mountain ranges, aboriginal communities, and more.

This is a place where you want to raise your tent and spend a couple of days soaking in the natural surroundings so make sure to get some quality camping and outdoor gear in order to make your outdoor escapade comfortable and enjoyable. You can find excellent camping spots at El Questro Station.

The Pinnacles, Cervantes, Best Places to Visit in Western Australia
The Pinnacles, Cervante

Examine the peculiarity of The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles is another iconic place, usually found on Australian postcards and many a desktop wallpaper due to the region’s unique and bizarre red-rock formations that resemble the Martian landscape. Thousands of limestone pillars ranging in height and width dot the landscape; and you can find rocks as small as a few centimeters, but also formations that soar four meters high.

Esperance,Cape le Grand National Park
Cape le Grand National Park, Esperance: Photo via Good Free Photos

Revel in the beauty that is Esperance Bay

To end your first tour of Western Australia, head out to Esperance Bay in Cape le Grand National Park. Deemed the whitest beach in all of Australia, Esperance Bay is a true haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Here, you can enjoy surfing, fishing, snorkeling, and plenty more activities; of which watching the local kangaroos lounging on the shore is by far the most exciting one. If you’re up for a coastline hike, be sure to hit the Great Ocean Drive, spanning from Esperance to Twilight Beach.

Western Australia is a vast country filled to the brim with adventure routes, urban hotspots, and thousands of secluded spots dotting its coastline and the expansive outback. While there is too much to see and do here to fit in a single trip; let this essential must-see guide take you on an unforgettable journey in breathtaking WA.

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