Best Places to Retire: Your Most Spectacular Choices

As your career reaches its end and retirement age approaches, it’s time to think about the best places to retire. Deciding can be hard, but if you have set up a retirement fund in advance, your choices will be many.

With new technologies and lifestyle opportunities improving, being a senior isn’t so intimidating any longer. Traditional assisted living, aged care and nursing homes are still out there, but if you’re not attracted to the idea of playing golf and doing Thai Chi with your fellow retirees and would rather continue exploring the world in search of more exciting adventures, there’s a solution!

Consider spending your retirement in the following spectacular places surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, warm climate and affordable living.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect retirement choice. It has a tropical climate, affordable medical care, low cost of living and natural beauty. It’s also known for its safety, great banking system and excellent education opportunities. It’s warm and welcoming people will help you through your process of acclimating to a new place.

Costa Rica Tropical Rainforest with beach, Best Places to Spend Your Retirement

If you enjoy life outdoors, you’ll be able to fish, golf, ride, hike and dive. You’ll enjoy a healthy diet of fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, organic eggs and abundant seafood. Choose the hot, dry beaches of Guanacaste, lush green jungles in the south or the eternal spring of San Jose.

An excellent socialized medicine programme is available for 7% to 11% of your reported monthly income. Once you have established your residency you’ll have the choice among three accredited hospitals and numerous private clinics.


Australia offers beautiful places for retirement plans all over its great southern land. Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney keep topping the charts of world’s most liveable cities. Their pleasant climates, abundance of outdoor activities, great infrastructure and rich cultural life appeal to seniors.

If you’re looking to retire some place quieter and more carefree and secure, one place particularly stands out. The unique community of Catalina Lake Macquarie retirement village, is located close to Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast area. It’s an inspiring environment that accommodates a range of different needs with high quality residences and amenities.


Panama regularly tops the lists of best places to retire. It’s conveniently close to the U.S. and has a warm, tropical climate outside the hurricane belt. Its currency is the U.S. dollar, tax burdens are low and a vast majority of its population speaks English.

Whether you opt for Panama City or somewhere on the shores of the Pacific, you’ll never run out of things to do. Panama has a vibrant community and a rich cultural life, but it’s particularly friendly towards retirees. It offers a long list of discounts, including medical care, entertainment, airline tickets, hotel stays, energy bills and many more. Women over 55 and men over 60, with their residency card, can claim all the benefits of famous Pensionado discounts.

In addition, Panamanian healthcare is affordable and good for minor issues, hospitals are well-equipped and offer specialists in any field and most prescription drugs are less expensive than in the States.

The end of your working life and onset of your golden age isn’t the end of an exciting, fulfilling life. Set your retirement goals and pick one of the best places to retire, and you can be living a dream!  

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