Best Destinations for Photographers

Viewing the world through the lens, you come to know the different variables that go into a great shot. However, immortalizing a great moment also relies on quality material to shoot. A picture perfect location can provide you with rich content, and allow you to explore the confines of your imagination. It can inspire you to create stunning images, satisfying your unique perspective on photography. To delight your life’s passion, take your camera, and discover these amazing destinations.

Best Places in the World to Photograph

Havana (Cuba) – Capturing the Street

Best Places in the World to Photograph: Havana Street

As a possible destination for your next photography project, La Habana provides you with great subject matter for some sensational street imagery. Colonial architecture in Old Havana, decaying factories and palm-fringed beaches will form the canvas of your work. In the foreground will be the passion and temperament of the people, with their easy-going lifestyle. Salsa street parties, Chevys crisscrossing the roads, women smoking cigars, kids playing baseball… Habaneros are nothing if not spontaneous. Discovering the vibrancy of Havana is a glorious experience, letting you capture a true passion for life.

Oahu (Hawaii) – Taking the Perfect Rainbow Picture

Best Places in the World to Photograph: Hawaii Oahu

The unique environmental forces are the main reason behind Oahu’s and Honolulu’s multitude of rainbows. These otherwise rare occurrences are so abundant on Oahu, you can practice shooting them before making the money shot. You won’t have to wait long before coming across one, and in a perfect tropical setting. Get lost in color and composition, and play around with filters. The sky is incredibly clear over the island, providing for spectacular night photography. Going to Oahu to take some amazing rainbow pictures just might be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) – Catching Amazing Wildlife Action

Best Places in the World to Photograph: Serengeti Tanzania Africa

Get in touch with your wildlife photographer with a trip to Serengeti. Africa’s largest wildlife reserve is home to the most diverse animal population on the continent. Stepping into the savanna grassland will allow you to capture the big five and other animals in their natural habitat. Dramatic natural events will unfold in front of your lens, as you drive across the park searching for adventure. All that in a unique floral eco-system, as the snow-capped slopes of the Kilimanjaro dominate the background. With no shortage of subjects, the wild Serengeti savanna will be the wildlife photography experience you have been waiting for.

Antelope Canyon (Arizona, USA) – A Natural Light Photography Wonder

Best Places in the World to Photograph: Antelope Canyon Arizona

Getting the best vantage point for the spectacular play of light won’t be hard in Antelope Canyon. The photogenic labyrinth of tight-knit corridors lets light pass in rays that are unparalleled in nature. Thousands of years of erosion have created amazing textures on the sandstone rocks. Still, the caverns are dark, so prepare for long exposure photography. The Navajo sanctuary is also close to its Grander cousin, if you want to make a landscape photo, or two. And at night, the Arizona sky displays a marvel of starry imagery you will find it hard not to capture.

Great Barrier Reef (Australia) – Best Underwater Photography Experience

Best Places in the World to Photograph: Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia

If your passion is underwater photography, go no further than Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The amazing aquatic landscape is comprised of almost 3000 separate reef systems and 1000 islands you can explore. Once you dive into the pristine blue liquid off Queensland’s coastline, you will be amazed by the color of the reefs and the array of life they hide. Schools of tropical fish, turtles and dolphins pass you overhead, as you capture the underwater scenery with mesmerizing light displays. And when the job is done enjoy the pale white sandy beaches, and take some spectacular snaps of the glorious sunset.

Whatever your style may be, these destinations are so photogenic that they need to be captured. Providing amazing landscapes, subjects, and moments, all you will have to worry about is getting the right frame.

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