Best Places for Camping in Tenerife, Spain

With so many glamorous five-star resorts and affordable private apartment rentals readily available, you might wonder why on earth anyone would want to go camping in Tenerife. Traditional holiday accommodation might come with all the modern day luxuries you could ever need. But they’re no competition for cooking delicious Canarian sausages over an open fire, seeing a side of the island most people never get to and watching the local wildlife that dares not venture near the tourist resorts.

The campsites in Tenerife are a world away from the tourist resorts. camping in Tenerife
The campsites in Tenerife are a world away from the tourist resorts

Best Campsites for Camping in Tenerife

If you want to see the more natural, rural and peaceful side of Tenerife, head for one of these campsites:

There's a barbecue site just across the road from the Ramón el Caminero campsite. camping in Tenerife
There’s a barbecue site just across the road from the Ramón el Caminero campsite

Ramón el Caminero

One of the most beautiful campsites on the island, Ramón el Caminero is tucked away in La Orotava in the northeast of Tenerife. It is relatively small, with capacity for just 50 campers within its 5,000m2. It’s got all the basic facilities (ample parking, running water and toilets) plus a barbecue site just across the road with loads of fire pits and tables. If you want to do more than relax and enjoy the charming sounds of woodpeckers hammering away at pine trees, you’ll find plenty of walking, hiking and cycling routes in the local area that pass through the campsite.

Arenas Negras translates into English as 'Black Sands'. camping in Tenerife
Arenas Negras translates into English as ‘Black Sands’

Arenas Negras

Named after the volcanic black sand that covers the surrounding area, Arenas Negras is found in the northwest part of the island in Garachico. Covering 9,000m2 with room for 50 campers, it’s much more spacious than Ramón el Caminero. And also comes well-equipped with parking, running water, toilets and a nearby barbecue site. Although Arenas Negras is really easy to reach by car (it’s paved road almost all the way) you’ve got to park quite far away from where you pitch your tent. This means there’s a fair bit of donkey work involved if you’ve got a lot of camping gear.

Imagine waking up to this view every morning! camping in Tenerife
Imagine waking up to this view every morning!

Camping Montaña Roja

Totally different than the previous listings, Camping Montaña Roja is a private campsite located on the black sandy beach of Playa de La Tejita. This site has room for tents, caravans and motorhomes, as well as little wooden eco-homes with proper beds. Since it’s privately run, there is a fee to stay here. But in return you get access to well-maintained bathrooms with toilets, sinks and showers, a mini market and bar-café. It’s also remarkably easy to get to. And it is the only place you can legally camp on the beach in Tenerife.

How to Camp in Tenerife

You can’t just wander onto a public campsite in Tenerife and set up your tent. You need to get permission in advance. Thankfully, this is free and pretty simple to do. To get permission before camping in Tenerife, visit the official reservation site, click on the campsite you want to stay at and fill in your info. You’ll need to print off the permission slip and show it to the person in charge at the site.

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