The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants

Despite its diversity, Pittsburgh’s restaurant scene deferred more towards simple yet hearty dishes since the majority of the city’s population were hard-working, blue-collared workers. These days however, to accommodate the changing times, restaurants started to experiment with food by mixing cuisines and introducing unfamiliar ingredients in dishes. The results are delightful plates found in one of these best Pittsburgh restaurants.

The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants

Bar Marco – American

The Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh
Pasta Dish at Bar Marco

Cooking with seasonal produce and ethically raised meat sourced from local farmers are just a couple of the reasons why Bar Marco is one of the best Pittsburgh restaurants. Executive Chef Jamilka Borges insists on these, understanding fully that the best meals come with the freshest ingredients. She takes pride in building her menu from what’s currently available and pairs her dishes with carefully selected wines. The restaurant’s location is unique as well, having built it inside a historic 1860 firehouse.

Address: 2216 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Cure – Mediterranean

The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants
Salumi Plate at Cure

No one should leave Pittsburgh without trying Cure and its famous salumi plate, which most food critics say is the best one in Pittsburgh and perhaps the country. Owing to its namesake, all the meat served in the platter are house-cured and just as you’d expect, Executive Chef and co-owner Justin Severino creates a menu filled with creative dishes wherein cured meat is one of the key ingredients.

Address: 5336 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Dish Osteria – Italian

The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants
Antipasti at Dish Osteria

In order to have a great dining experience, the restaurant has to have both great food and great ambiance. That’s what chef and owner, Michele Savoia, presents patrons at her restaurant, Dish Osteria. Many locals consider it their favorite neighborhood eatery mainly because dining here is like dining with family. The food is pretty swell too. Savoia’s perfectionist attitude in the kitchen is evident with the dishes she makes. Definitely seek out the daily specials and share a plate or two of antipasti.

Address: 128 S 17th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Everyday Noodles – Taiwanese

The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants
Szechuan Noodles at Everyday Noodles

When you dine here, you’re treated to more than just a great meal, but also to a show. It’s nothing like the one you’ll get at Benihana, but in some ways more entertaining. The restaurant makes their own noodles, which you’ll see with your own eyes just as you enter the place. Watch the kitchen crew knead, roll, and smack the dough many times over, before molding and cutting it to make the noodles you’ll be ordering just a few minutes after. Noodles aren’t the only specialty here though. Their soup dumplings are also worth a try, as is their onion pancake appetizer.

Address: 5875 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Gaucho Parilla Argentina – Argentine

The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants
Steak Sandwich at Gaucho Parilla Argentina by Alex Lowe

Gaucho Parilla Argentina is the haven for carnivores in Pittsburgh. This Strip District eatery is hard to resist especially when you smell the delicious scents of charred meat roasting over a wood fire. Its chef, Anthony Falcon, is a grill master extraordinaire creating simple dishes like a steak sandwich with peppers, grilled onions and chimichurri served on a baguette or just a slab of perfectly grilled meat accompanied by a simple salad and toast. What’s even better is that the prices are very affordable with steaks starting at $11 a plate.

Address: 1607 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Pamela’s Diner – American

The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants
Pamela’s Diner Crepe Hotcakes

Thank goodness Pamela’s Diner has multiple locations, otherwise the waitlist on the original Squirrel Hill neighborhood will last for hours. The diner is without a doubt, the best place to eat breakfast in Pittsburgh. Everything on the menu is great but two items do standout. First is their Lyonnaise Potatoes, a plateful of sliced, pan-fried taters sautéed in butter with parsley and some onions. This dish is the perfect accompaniment for lighter brunch and lunch fares. But the star of this longstanding franchise is its crepe hotcakes. These thin pancakes are so good and irresistible, even President Obama keeps a stack of them at the White House.

Address: Multiple locations including the Strip District, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill

Tesaro’s – Burgers/American

The Best Pittsburgh Restaurants
Bacon Mushroom Burger at Tessaro’s

Some things don’t change like the smell of burger smoke traveling down Liberty Avenue. That delicious scent comes from Tesaro’s, the beloved eatery that serves Pittsburgh’s best hamburgers. The burgers are 100% beef chuck, grounded daily by butcher Dominic Piccola and grilled on its signature hardwood grill. Try their bacon cheeseburger with fried egg and you won’t be sorry. The restaurant also offers a number of other sandwiches, salads, even kabobs on the menu.

Address: 5336 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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