4 Incredible Photo Spots in Queenstown, NZ

One of the most beautiful towns in one of the most stunning countries; Queenstown in New Zealand is beyond breath-taking from almost every angle there is. To fill your camera roll with pictures so incredibly gorgeous you’ll never want to delete a single one; stop by these amazing best photo spots in Queenstown. But even in a place where beauty strikes everywhere you turn; there are still some hotspots that shine more brightly than the rest.

The Best Photo Spots in Queenstown

1.      Queenstown Gardens

Queenstown Botanic Gardens, New Zealand
Queenstown Botanic Gardens: Photo on Flickr by denisbin / CC BY-ND 2.0

The perfect place for a romantic picnic, an afternoon of outdoor games or just a place to stretch your legs; Queenstown Gardens is great for whiling away a few hours. Walk along the hiking path that begins at the coast and when you reach the far end of the gardens; you’ll be greeted with a stunning view of the shimmering lake running up to The Remarkables mountain range. Time your visit for around sunset, when the sky is deep blue, the mountains are bathed in a pink-red hue and the water is a magical shade of violet.

2.      Lookout point at Queenstown Hill

Sunset from Queenstown Hill, New Zealand
Sunset from Queenstown Hill: Photo on Flickr by Paul Bica / CC BY 2.0

Set part-way along one of the best hikes in Queenstown; the lookout point at Queenstown Hill rewards hikers with vistas so gorgeous you’ll swear you’re looking at a postcard and not reality. The hill set toward the north east of the town centre boasts mesmerising views across Lake Hayes, Lake Wakatipu and over to Coronet Peak. Get into the right position and you’ll capture lush green trees in the foreground, deep blue waters in the middle and wispy grey silhouettes of the mountains in the back.

3.      Viewing point at Shotover Canyon

Shotover Jet, Best Photo Spots in Queenstown
Shotover Jet, Queenstown

Jetboating at Shotover Canyon on the Shotover Jet is great fun, but you’re far too busy concentrating on the water to enjoy the view. Instead, head over to the viewing point perched above the river and soak up the scenery from there. The varying hues of grey rocky cliffs are shrouded in thick, bushy trees; the almost aquamarine-blue river cutting straight through the middle. If you visit during autumn; you’ll be treated to views trees in every shade of red, orange and yellow blanketing the cliffs.

4.      Old Glenorchy Wharf

Glenorchy Wharf , Best Photo Spots in Queenstown, New Zealand
Glenorchy Wharf , Queenstown: Photo on Flickr by Geoffrey Marquie / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Around 30 minutes along the Old Glenorchy road, there’s a small abandoned jetty jutting out of the water. This road is one of the most beautiful in New Zealand, so try not to be too distracted that you miss it! If you pull over to this spot and watch the sunset, you’ll witness a remarkably captivating sight. The jetty creates a black contour against the still water, stained a slight rusty colour by the setting sun; leaving behind a deep navy blue sky laden with glittering stars.

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