Best New York City Dim Sum Spots

Chinese New Year is just a month away and to me, nothing says traditional Chinese comfort meal than sharing dim sum with family and friends. Visitors staying in New York this winter ought to take advantage of the lesser crowds of tourists and enjoy this Cantonese culinary must do. Here are some of the best New York City dim sum spots.

Best New York City Dim Sum Spots

Jing Fong Restaurant

Best New York City Dim Sum. Classics at Jin Fong
Classics at Jin Fong

If you’re looking for the traditional dim sum experience, Jing Fong Restaurant is where you should go. Not only is the place massive, it has everything you’d expect from an authentic dim sum restaurant. You might have to haggle for the freshest siu mai, steaming pork buns or for that delectable shrimp noodle rolls, especially during peak times on weekends, but just time your visit accordingly and you’ll have less to contend with. This is one of the best New York City dim sum spots so there’s almost always a wait as well. But like most Chinese restaurants, the turn around times are quick enough that you’ll get your table sooner than expected.

Address: 20 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013
Telephone No: (212) 964-5256
Price Range: Moderate ($15-20 per person including tax and tip)

Dim Sum Go Go

Best New York City Dim Sum. Sampler at Dim Sum Go Go
Sampler at Dim Sum Go Go

What you can expect at Dim Sum Go Go is a bit of a modern twist. The traditional flavors remain but experimenting on dishes like fried pumpkin cakes and taro french fries makes this one of the best New York City dim sum spots, particularly for the younger, more multicultural generation. It also offers a sampler platter; perfect for those who cannot quite choose which one to order or for those who are newcomers to the dim sum scene. Vegetarians will also find plenty to eat here.

Address: 5 E Broadway, New York, NY 10038
Telephone No: (212) 732-0797
Price Range: Moderate ($15-20 per person including tax and tip)


Best New York City Dim Sum. Hakkasan Dim Sum Sampler
Hakkasan Dim Sum Sampler

This Midtown spot isn’t where you’ll come for a more traditional experience. There are no steaming carts, no servers mouthing words in Cantonese; but their innovative take on dim sum is what makes them a favorite among locals and food critics. Make no mistake however. Dining at London-based Hakkasan is pricey but even the New York Times food critic said their steamed dumplings and duck puffs were worth trying despite the hefty tab.

Address: 311 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036
Telephone No: (212) 776-1818
Price Range: Very expensive (more than $50 per person)

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