Best Luxury Christmas Cruises to Book Now

Going on a Christmas cruise is a great way to celebrate the festive season with family and friends without having to worry about planning lavish parties, making huge dinners and the mountains of washing up and cleaning which always follow.

Best Luxury Christmas Cruises: Christmas decorations on board the Disney Dream
Christmas decorations on board the Disney Dream: Photo Ricky BriganteCC 2.0

Best Luxury Christmas Cruises

With a Christmas cruise, everything you could ever think of has already been arranged by experts who have enough time to plan every detail from extravagant Christmas Day menus and seasonal playlists at the on board nightclubs down to perfectly-placed decorations on the Christmas trees and finding the ideal gifts for the little ones.

If you like the idea of handing all the hard work and hassle over to someone else so you’ve got nothing else to do but enjoy the holidays, take a look at our recommendations of the best luxury Christmas cruises to book now.

7-night Paul Gauguin cruise around Tahiti and Society Islands

The cruise line Paul Gauguin is synonymous with luxury, which makes it the best choice if you want to celebrate Christmas in style this year. On this seven-night cruise you’ll explore the best of the South Pacific and experience unparalleled moments you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Diving alongside hammerhead sharks and sting rays, sipping a cocktail straight from a coconut on the private islet of Motu Mahana and racing through the lush forests of Bora Bora on a quad bike safari are just some of the incredible things which await you on this French Polynesia cruise.

Book your best luxury Christmas cruises with Paul Gauguin Cruises around Tahiti and Society Islands now.

Best Luxury Christmas Cruises: One of the many unspoilt beaches in Bora Bora
One of the many unspoilt beaches in Bora Bora, image via Flickr, Gengish Skan / CC 2.0

15-night Crystal Cruise around Australia and New Zealand

Crystal Cruises is another name that springs to mind when it comes to luxury cruising. Voted a fan favourite amongst luxury cruise aficionados, this cruise line operates a once-in-a-lifetime cruise itinerary around Australia and New Zealand on board the Crystal Serenity. This cruise begins in Auckland and sails around the eastern coast of New Zealand, taking in the island’s unique and breath-taking vistas along the way. But that’s not the best bit – thanks to a carefully-planned itinerary, you’ll be able to ring in the New Year from an enviable spot in Sydney Harbour before ending your adventure in Melbourne.

Book your luxury Crystal Christmas cruise around Australia and New Zealand now.

Best Luxury Christmas Cruises: Sydney Opera House on New Year's Eve
Sydney Opera House on New Year’s Eve: Photo Richard Rydge / CC 2.0

15-night Princess Cruise around Indonesia

If you’re searching for a truly unique Christmas present for a special someone this year, a 15-night Indonesian cruise is tough to beat. This amazing itinerary takes place on Sun Princess which – although it was launched in 1995 as the largest cruise liner the world had ever seen – is now one of the smallest ships in the iconic cruise liner’s fleet. This cruise begins at Perth and island-hops between Komodo Island, Ujung Pandang, Semarang, Probolingo, Lombok and Bali, where you’ll have the chance to visit magnificent temples, gorgeous beaches and exotic animal parks. Throughout December, the Sun Princess is always fully decked out in fabulous Christmas decorations, whilst yuletide carollers march along the decks and waiters attend to the guests in festive Santa hats.

Book your luxury Princess Christmas cruise from Fremantle around Indonesia now.

Best Luxury Christmas Cruises: Bedugul Temple in Bali
Bedugul Temple in Bali: Photo Loic Lagarde / CC 2.0

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