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If I can vouch for anything, it’s vouching for travelling in Lithuania. The truth is, I am a native Lithuanian, but hey – who can tell you more about this country than a person who was born and raised in this Baltic gem? There are more than a few reasons to visit this rustic yet modern and trendy country. But then again, I know how stressful it is to plan a whole trip and make sure that you have enough time to visit all of the places and see all of the sights you’ve planned. But there is a great solution to this problem – Lithuania travel packages. Not only that these packages will provide you with the opportunity to see everything that there is to see in the beautiful Lithuania, but also will give you the chance to see the rest of the Baltics! Here is a list of the best Lithuania travel packages, provided by yours truly – Baltic Tours!

Panoramic view of compelling Vilnius. Lithuania travel packages
Panoramic view of compelling Vilnius, Lithuania.

Why Choose Lithuania Travel Packages?

So you might wonder – I only want to travel in Lithuania, why would I choose a Lithuania travel package that involves travelling to Latvia and Estonia? Well… Why not? Why not get what’s best to see in the Baltics? Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia are like sisters – blooming with Northern beauty and historical traditions.

For example, the Baltic Highlights tour, which is, by the way, one of the most popular Lithuania travel packages, will allow you to see the most beautiful cities in the Baltic countries. This tour will truly uncover everything that’s special about the three Baltic countries – you will explore cities, where rustic northern traditions meet modern life and excitement. Vilnius city tour is probably the greatest part of this tour – this city is and will always be one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the Eastern Europe! Not only will you see the breathtaking architecture in the capitals of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, but you will get a chance to enjoy the seaside, most beautiful churches, most interesting museums and most magnificent historical monuments.

Trakai Castle, Lithuania. Lithuania travel packages
Trakai Castle, Lithuania

My two other favorite Lithuanian travel packages are Baltic Impressions and Baltic Classical tours. The first one will let you enjoy the medieval parts of the Baltic cities and really get to know the Lithuanian history, while the other one concentrates more on the overall picture of the gorgeous cities.

Vilnius Olw Town, Lithuania. Lithuania travel packages
Vilnius old town from a bird’s eye view

What is more, Lithuanian travel packages guarantee not only a fantastic travelling program that will allow you to explore Vilnius, Klaipėda, Trakai and other cities in Lithuania, but will provide you with the best quality experience there is. Culture, history, historical traditions, SPA’s, city tours, art and an extraordinary chance to experience the Baltics like you never had before – this is just a small part of what is provided by the Lithuania travel packages.

Nida Dunes in Lithuania. Lithuania travel packages
Tempting Nida’s dunes in Lithuania…

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