Amazing Hikes in Europe That Don’t Last Longer Than One Week (Part 1)

As an avid hiker, I am always researching potentially great hiking destinations or making actual hiking plans. I have previously shared one of my plans—the Presidential Traverse in New Hampshire, a magnificent hike that I’ll be doing in a few weeks. Now, I would like to change continents and jump across the pond to Europe, my continent of birth. I will most likely be going back there for a while this summer and chances are that I’m going to do a hike or two.

Here’s a list of several best hikes in Europe that don’t last longer than one week!

5 Best Hikes in Europe Shorter than One Week

Bernese Overland Trails, Switzerland (1-7 days)

The Bernese Oberland, or Bernese Highlands, is one of the most spectacular areas of the Swiss Alps. A gorgeous combination of sharp snowcapped mountain peaks, alpine lakes and green valleys makes this a magnificent place to explore on foot. The region is home to a dense network of hiking trails, allowing you to do day hikes or string some trails together for a few days of stunning mountain hiking.

Best Hikes in Europe: Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

West Highland Way, Scotland (7 days)

This is the number one long-distance hiking trail in Scotland. The West Highland Way starts north of Glasgow and follows an 18th-century military road and old footpaths across the highlands, along the shores of Loch Linnhe and Loch Lomond and through the desolateness of Rannoch Moor, and ends at the base of Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Great Britain. The trail is 154 kilometers (96 miles) long and takes more or less a week, depending on your level of fitness and experience.

Best Hikes in Europe: Rannoch Moor Hills, West Highland Way
Rannoch Moor, West Highland Way, Scotland: Photo Photo bigcagwell / Creative Commons License 2.0

Laugavegur Trek, Iceland (4 days)

The Laugavegur Trek in Iceland is the perfect introduction to this wild land, a land of geysers and glaciers, waterfalls and hot springs. 55 kilometers (34 miles) long, it is Iceland’s most popular multiday trek. It takes four days to complete; resting your head can be done in the six mountain huts on the way.

Best Hikes in Europe: Laugavegur Trek, Iceland
Laugavegur, Iceland

Hadrian’s Wall Path, England (6 days)

The Hadrian’s Wall Path in northern England follows the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall, once the northernmost and most fortified border of the Roman Empire and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trail is 135 kilometers (84 miles) long and runs through the gorgeous Northumberland National Park. Allow six days to hike it and see some of the historic sites on the way.

Best Hikes in Europe: Hadrian's Wall walk
Hadrian’s Wall Path, England

Towns of Tuscany, Italy (7 days)

This ancient 85-kilometer (53-mile) trail runs through the Val d’Orcia in the Tuscany Accommodation. It connects eight gorgeous hill towns and flows through breathtaking landscapes—each town is a pleasant day hike away. This is a marvelous way to explore one of Italy’s most beautiful regions. The hike includes villages like Bagno Vignoni, Montichiello and Rocca d’Orcia, and hilltop towns like Montalcino, Montepulciano and Pienza.

Best Hikes in Europe: Val d'Orcia, Tuscany
Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy: Photo Photo Tommy Clark / Creative Commons License 2.0

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