Best Heli-Skiing Destinations

Skiing can be a very exhilarating sport and is a favorite activity for many daredevils around the world. As exciting as skiing can be, sometimes you need a little extra adrenaline rush to make it truly unforgettable. Heli-skiing is the way to do it, where skiers can reach untouched terrain, and master the even the most challenging of skiing destinations. If you’ve just read the title and already got your boots, goggles and skis packed, you’ll be glad to know below is a list of the top 5 heli-skiing destinations in the world are.

Best Heli Skiing Locations in the World: Canadian Mountain Holidays British Columbia
CMH Heliski

Best Heli Skiing Locations in the World

British Columbia

One of the best places to experience heli-skiing at its finest is on a Canadian Mountain Holiday in British Columbia. Canadian Mountain Holidays claims to be the very first company to offer heli-skiing holidays and has been offering them for over 50 years. With a history of the best, CMH set the benchmark for luxury skiing holidays around the world.

Best Heli Skiing Locations in the World: Cariboos BC
Cariboos BC: Photo Hello BC

The Cariboos, also in British Columbia, has world class consistent and deep snowfall for skiing season. This mountain range is equipped with its own lodge, housing 12 single and 16 double rooms where lodgers can take off their gear and relax in front of the fire after a thrilling day of jumping out of helicopters.

Best Heli Skiing Locations in the World: Heliskiing at Bighorn
Heliskiing at Bighorn: Photo by Mike Gere

Bighorn Lodge, Revelstoke, British Columbia is a luxury skiing holiday destination in the backcountry of British Columbia. The lodge offers both heliskiing from a private helipad and catskiing, among other snow activities for guests to enjoy. The lodge also has a huge outdoor spa area complete with hotubs to relax in and rest your muscles from a long day of skiing, so don’t forget to pack a pair of swimmers with your snow goggles and beanies as well!

Best Heli Skiing Locations in the World: Southern Lakes Heliski
Southern Lakes Heliski

New Zealand

The Southern Lakes Heliski, from Queenstown and Wanaka in New Zealand boasts some of the best heli-skiing experiences in the world, with access to a huge 11 mountain ranges. Heli-skiing at Southern Lakes is appropriate for most ability levels, so if you’ve only recently strapped on your first pair of skis then don’t worry, you can still fly both up and down the mountains of Southern Lakes…just make sure you wear a helmet.

French Alps

Chalet Pelerin is just a short two hour drive from Geneva on the French-Italian border. Guests at Chalet Pelerin can partake in several outdoor activities including hiking, biking and skiing and, of course, heli-skiing, so make sure you bring all the right equipment so you can make the most out of your stay.

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