Best Free Things to Do in Venice

A traveler on a budget might find Venice somewhat expensive. Museum entries alone can cost a fortune! An average meal with an order of pasta, a glass of wine, and an appetizer hovers around 20-25 euros. Accommodations in Venice vary depending on the location, but generally average around 250 euros. Finally, unless you plan on walking everywhere, which isn’t possible if you’re staying in one of the islands, you’ll have to cough up 7.50 each way for a water taxi. Add all of those and you’re probably looking at 350 euros per day. However, there are some activities that won’t cost you a penny more. If you’re looking for some free things to do in Venice, consider one of these suggestions.

best Free things to do in Venice
Venice from San Giorgio Bell Tower

Free Things to Do in Venice

Take a free walking tour

venice, canal,bridge
One of the Many Venetian Bridges

In most major cities in Europe, there are dozens of tour company operators that offer free walking tours. Venice is no different. Venice Free Walking Tour offers six different tours dissecting a different section of the city. It lasts around 2-3 hours, depending on the guide and usually provides visitors with a background history of the city. These guides are also licensed tour operators and are very knowledgeable. Most are locals themselves and can also provide you with suggestions on where to eat and other places to visit. I took one of their tours and will highly recommend it to anyone looking for free things to do in Venice.

Get lost

Gondolas lining the Canal

If there is one city in Europe I wouldn’t mind getting lost in, it’ll likely be Venice. There’s no rhyme or reason to the outline of the city, thanks to its composition. Made up of over 1000 islands, the main section is connected by bridges and only navigable by boats or by foot. Those that are directionally challenged should simply plan on walking. After all, every corner will present visitors with a lovely surprise – be it a hidden square, a church or a bridge with passing boats or gondolas underneath.

Visit churches

venice,grand canal,Santa Maria della Salute, sunset
Santa Maria della Salute as seen from the Lagoon during Sunset

Before bridges connected Venice, the only way to get around was through boats. The city was made of islands separated by water from the lagoon. As such, each island was its own community with churches and squares. When you view Venice from some of its highest points; from the campanile of San Giorgio or San Marco for example, you’ll see at least 20 different church bell towers. Similar to Rome, these Venetian churches are prime examples of fine craftsmanship and contain artistic treasures worthy of any fine museum. Make sure to stop by Santa Maria della Salute and San Giorgio Maggiore, two worthwhile locations for visitors to visit.

Staying in Venice doesn’t have to be very expensive especially with suggestions of free things to do in Venice provided here. With that in mind, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, prepare to walk, and discover churches as you get lost in the city along the way!

Do you have other suggestions on free things to do in Venice? Share your thoughts below!

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