Top 5 Dessert Spots in Sydney

Sydney siders are spoilt for choice when it comes to the dining scene, starting with the vibrant cafe culture, fresh local bakeries, award winning restaurants to indulgent dessert spots. Dessert is always a good idea whether its a slice of indulgent cheese cake, hot crispy waffles or a scoop of creamy ice cream and Sydney has it all to cater to all kinds of sweet cravings. With so many choices available it was hard to narrow it down, but here are some of the best dessert places in Sydney.

5 Best Dessert Places in Sydney

Black Star Pastry

Best Dessert Places in Sydney: BSP's signature Watermelon Cake.
BSP’s signature Watermelon Cake. Image Credit: Black Star Pastry

Since its opening in 2008, Black Star Pastry has been a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. Situated in the heart of Newtown and Roseberry, Black Star Pastry is conveniently nestled amidst a strip of fantastic cafes making it an excellent spot for morning tea or an afternoon sweet treat. Renowned for its famous refreshing Watermelon Cake, Black Star Pastry offers a delicious variety of cakes that for everyone, starting from their fluffy light taro sponge, fruit cakes to vegan chocolate cake. If you’re feeling like something more, Black Star Pastry also makes fantastic award winning pies, coffee from Little Marionnette or more substantial meals at the Rosebery location.

Cow and Moon Gelato

Best Dessert Places in Sydney: Award winning gelato from Cow & the Moon. Image Credit: iFat
Award winning gelato from Cow & the Moon. Image Credit: iFat

The world’s best gelato might no longer be found in Italy but located in Sydney’s suburb of Enmore. In 2014, the family run Cow and Moon Gelato grabbed headlines and stunned the world by winning the Gelato World Tour title with its signature Madorla Affogato flavour. If you’re not a fan of affogato, there are also a wide range of other mouth watering flavours to choose from including banana and salted caramel or a scoop of popcorn gelato. There are also classic flavours available such as cookies and cream as well as gelato cakes and coffee for those looking for a caffeine hit.

Lorraines Patisserie

Best Dessert Places in Sydney: Lorraine's famous date tarts. Image Credit: Kollide
Lorraine’s famous date tarts. Image Credit: Kollide

Located in the heart of the CBD is Lorraine’s Patisserie is one of the best dessert places in Sydney, offering up some of Sydney’s best tarts, cakes, pastries and freshly baked goods. Created by celebrated pastry chef Lorraine Goldsmark, her irresistible treats are simple but focus on flavour and high quality ingredients. It’s hard to choose when everything sounds so good, but its safe to begin with her signature date tart, a delicious silky smooth vanilla custard tart with Californian dates. Other loved signatures such as the incredibly light Cheesecake, Raspberry pecan and lemon tart are also readily available. For something savoury, a selection of Berts pies and sausage rolls are also available to take away.

Gelato Messina

Best Dessert Places in Sydney: Gelato Messina's signature flavour. Image Credit: iFat
Gelato Messina’s signature flavour. Image Credit: iFat

Known for their ever changing wacky flavours such as maple syrup gelato topped with bacon gel and blueberry pancake batter, Gelato Messina is a local favourite known for their creative and quality gelato. At any of their stores, you can find over forty flavours permanently available with changing weekly specials and bespoke gelato cakes readily available. If you’re up for a bit of gelato fun, Messina also offers classes which shows behind the scenes on how to make gelato and also a tasting session of their products. You can find Gelato Messina in Bondi, Parramatta, Surry Hills, The Star or at their original Darlinghurst store where you can also find the Gelato Messina Dessert Bar for a sundae treat.

Pasticceria Papa

Best Dessert Places in Sydney: Pasticceria Papa's Legendary Selection. Image Credit: Pasticceria Papa
Pasticceria Papa’s Legendary Selection. Image Credit: Pasticceria Papa

Since 1988, Pasticceria Papa has been serving up authentic Italian pastries and bread in their Haberfield location. The word soon spread about their delicious products and the business has now expanded to three locations across Sydney where you can enjoy a delectable range of Italian delicacies for an ultimate sweet indulgent experience. Treat yourself with a slice of their mouth watering famous ricotta cheesecake, cannoli or panzerotti created with traditional home made recipes. Apart from their wide selection of cakes and baked goods, the popular eatery also provides coffee to go with something sweet and full meals including pizza and other Italian traditional foods.

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