Best Cruises for Coffee – Top 9 Picks!

You’re on vacation. What says vacation more than relaxing on a sun-soaked deck, enjoying a cross-ocean cruise? The last thing you want, though, is to be any considerable distance from a good cup of joe. That would ruin everything. Knowing that, here are nine best cruises for coffee that will soothe you with gentle rocking waves and satisfy your caffeine cravings with its quality cuppa in no particular order.

9 Best Cruises for Coffee

Carnival Vista and Carnival Sunshine: JavaBlue Café

Carnival Vista and Carnival Sunshine. Best Cruises for Coffee
JavaBlue Café on Carnival Vista and Carnival Sunshine

On the Carnival Vista and Carnival Sunshine, you’ll find a gem called the JavaBlue Café. This coffee bar does double duty with its Mexican coffee— a delightful cappuccino with a splash of Patrón tequila, which sounds like it should be the drink-mascot for cruises in general.

Celebrity Cruises: Café al Bacio

Celebrity Cruises. Best Cruises for Coffee
Café al Bacio on Celebrity Cruises

Lavazza is a name that almost all coffee lovers are familiar with. It has roots in that infamous boot-shaped country known for its strong espresso. Café al Bacio, found on Celebrity Cruises, serves up its coffee with beautiful views of the wide-open ocean and you can even nom on some complimentary desserts while sipping on your caffeinated beverage. #vacaygoals

Anthem of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas: Café Promenade

Anthem of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas: Café Promenade. Best Cruises for Coffee
Café Promenade on Anthem of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas

Sometimes we just want to stick with what we know will be absolutely delicious. If Seattle’s Best Coffee is your jam, the Anthem of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas should be tops on your cruise list. The Café Promenade’s delicious brew claims Washington as its home and it provides vittles 24 hours a day so you can quench that caffeine craving whenever it strikes!

Regal Princess and Royal Princess: International Café

Regal Princess and Royal Princess: International Café
International Café on Regal Princess and Royal Princess

It’s vacation. You shouldn’t have to give up anything. So, if you had to leave your home espresso machine or Keurig coffee maker at home, don’t worry! The International Café on the Regal Princess and Royal Princess is happy to provide you with a cappuccino, macchiato, latte, espresso, and pretty much any other drink you can think of. Not to mention, you can snag a donut, pastry, or light meal while sipping on that coffee!

Royal Caribbean: Starbucks at Sea

Royal Caribbean: Starbucks at Sea. Best Cruises for Coffee
Starbucks at Sea on Royal Caribbean Cruises

If you absolutely can’t go a day without your skinny mocha latte with an extra shot or venti caramel frappuccino with soy milk, the Royal Caribbean will align with your needs quite nicely. It boasts the Starbucks at Sea—that means all of your favorite caffeinated beverages steps away from your deck chair.

Holland America Line: Explorations Café

Holland America Line: Explorations Café. Best Cruises for Coffee
Explorations Café on Holland America Line

You may or may not be interested in knowing that the Explorations Café is presented by the New York Times. You may only care about drinking your favorite espresso drink with your favorite entertainment choice. If so, that’s totally fine. Hop on the Holland America Line and enjoy all of the fine things about vacation and coffee.

Azamara Club Cruises: Mosaic Café

Azamara Club Cruises: Mosaic Café. Best Cruises for Coffee
Mosaic Café on Azamara Club Cruises

A good cup of the caffeinated stuff can be hard to find when you’re not in the comfort of your own home or ordering from your favorite barista. It’s easy as can be on the Azamara Club Cruises, though, thanks to the Mosaic Café, which serves Nespresso specialty coffee—it’s definitely worth the extra fiver. Enjoy it while lounging in their recently redone seating areas, too, as a bonus.

Cunard Line: Café Carinthia

Cunard Line: Café Carinthia. Best Cruises for Coffee
Cunard Line’s Café Carinthia

Illy is a popular name in the coffee world. Dating back to 1933 and originating in Trieste, Italy, you can travel all the way to Europe for a hearty sip of these quality beans or you can delight in this brew on the Cunard Line cruise in the Parisian-style Café Carinthia. Pastry in one hand, fancy cup in the other, all happiness in between. One of the best cruises for coffee you can get!

Disney Cruise Line: Cove Café

Disney Cruise Line: Cove Café. Best Cruises for Coffee
Disney Cruise Line’s Cove Café

Adults only. Magical words, right? Cove Café on the Disney Cruise Line is the ideal place to imbibe your morning cup of the good stuff. Not only can you enjoy everything Disney without the shrill cry of children, but you can also get your favorite illy coffees served at your leisure while taking advantage of the strong Wi-fi signal. Hey, how else is everyone you’re friends with on social media supposed to be endlessly jealous of your amazing vacation?

Alright, that’s it, folks. Pick the best cruises for coffee that speaks to your coffee-connoisseur soul and buy your tickets. Coffee plus vacation on the sea equals nirvana.

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