Top Five Cruise Ship Water Slides

Whilst America, Dubai and the Caribbean might be some of the destinations which first spring to mind when you think about incredible water slides, many of today’s modern cruise liners hold their own when it comes to the adrenaline-pumping drops, heart-stopping heights and turbo-boosted speeds associated with water slides.

If you love the high-octane thrills of water slides, consider booking your next holiday on a cruise liner, so you can enjoy a whole holiday of splash fun, instead of just one or two days like you’d normally have at a water park.

These five water slides are the best of the best – not just amongst cruise liner water slides, but land-based water slides, too.

Best Cruise Ship Water Slides: Water slide on Carnival Glory
Water slide on Carnival Glory via Flickr, Loonyhiker CC 2.0

5 Best Cruise Ship Water Slides

5. Epic Plunge – Norwegian Epic

At almost 61 metres tall, the Epic Plunge is one of the tallest cruise ship waterslides, found on the 15th deck of the Norwegian Epic. This exhilarating ride sees you speed through an elevated yellow tube before hurtling into a huge red and yellow striped goldfish bowl-like pool. But the fun doesn’t stop there – a gaping hole in the centre of the pool sucks you in and spits you out into a final plunge pool.

Best Cruise Ship Water Slides: Epic Plunge on Norwegian Epic
Epic Plunge on Norwegian Epic via Flickr, Cruise News Weekly CC 2.0

4. Speedway Splash – Carnival Sunshine

If you’ve got a competitive edge, Speedway Splash on the Carnival Cruise owned Carnival Sunshine is for you. The Speedway Splash is made up or two waterslides which curve snake-like over the upper deck. Because each slide mirrors the other, you can join up with another cruiser and race through the black and white chequered flag-adorned water slide. Last one to reach the bottom buys the drinks!

Best Cruise Ship Water Slides: Speedway Splash on Carnival Sunshine
Speedway Splash on Carnival Sunshine via Flickr, Kim CC 2.0

3. Free Fall – Norwegian Breakaway

The Free Fall on Norwegian Breakaway is another water slide that’s better with a competitor. Free Fall features two side-by-side water slides, each topped with a sealed circular tube. To ride, you need to step inside the tube and wait for the ground before you to open up. When it does, you’ll plummet straight down for a few metres before the water slide picks you up in its curve and rushes you to a fast-paced end.

Best Cruise Ship Water Slides: Pool deck with Free Fall in the background on Norwegian Breakaway
Pool deck with Free Fall in the background on Norwegian Breakaway via Flickr, Adam Jackson CC 2.0

2. Vertigo – MSC Preziosa

MCS Cruises’ Vertigo is one of those things that you’ll love or you’ll hate. If you love heights and unique views, you’re in luck; if not, then this is one to avoid. The 120m-long water slide sits on top of the MSC Preziosa’s 18th deck and sees daredevils reaching speeds of up to 21 km/h as they fly through transparent tubes which take rides outside the safety of the ship’s decks, giving the feeling of flying over the sea.

Best Cruise Ship Water Slides: Inside swimming pool on the MSC Preziosa
Inside swimming pool on the MSC Preziosa via Flickr, Gary Bembridge CC 2.0

1. Aqua Duck – Disney Dream

Disney’s Aqua Duck takes things a step even further. This clear acrylic tube slide snakes almost 235 metres up, down, around and off the side of Disney Dream, giving you a bird’s eye view as you sail across the ships four decks and unique panoramic sea vistas which you’ll only get if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open. The thrilling experience ends with a splash into the chilled-out lazy river – something you’ll need after such as adrenaline boost!

Best Cruise Ship Water Slides: Aqua Duck on Disney Dream
Aqua Duck on Disney Dream via Flickr, Christian Lambert CC 2.0

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