The Best Cruise Lines for Baby Boomers

It’s the perfect never-ending holiday: restful sunbathing on the deck, dazzling views as far as the eye can see and cocktails to your heart’s content. And as they stroll towards their silver years, the generation of baby boomers appreciates a vacation plan that involves equal amounts of peace and versatility for keeping them occupied. Tapping into their retirement funds or simply saving up for a particular ship-based journey has become a growing trend among senior travelers, who like a taste of the best cruise lines as their offspring fly the nest and they leave their working posts for a more leisurely lifestyle. To that end, many a cruise line has come forth with a unique set of offers for this demographics in particular; they truly stand for quality paired with quantity.

The Carnival Cruise Line. Best Cruise Lines

Best Cruise Lines for Baby Boomers

The Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The Regent cruise. Best Cruise Lines

A name well-known in the voyage-loving circles, Regent Seven Seas Cruises have built a reputation on luxury unlike any other. You can join a brief excursion, or spend over a month cruising the Mediterranean with a handful of people (or the closest notion possible on a cruise ship), with four differently-sized ships at their disposal. It makes the experience all the more private, intimate and exclusive.

However, although they provide an upscale service in every sense, their flexibility and will to accommodate every passenger are the key qualities that keep attracting Baby Boomers back on board. Bob and Charlotte, who otherwise never considered themselves “cruise people”, chose to celebrate their 35th anniversary on the Regent’s Mariner, in what they described as “grand style” – eating when they please, at tables just for the two of them, basking in the sun and enjoying amazing appetizers.

The Princess Cruise Line

The Princess Cruise. Best Cruise Lines

From a perspective of veteran voyagers, such as Robert and his wife, if the Princess Cruise deserved a reputation as a fleet of the finest ships they’ve visited in their 22-cruises-long career, then their efforts have certainly made a lasting impression – from the Royal’s spacious atrium, delicious food without the annoying lines, all the way to their dazzling entertainment options that included a cinema under the stars and daytime pool parties.

As of November this year you will even be able to personalize your voyage to a greater extent by using their Ocean Medallion, a handy gimmick paired with your digital Ocean Compass available ship-wide. It will help the crew anticipate your needs and tailor your stay in accordance with your preferences. Plus, you can always enjoy with no youngsters around on one of their Sanctuary decks. All in all, the Princess takes omnichannel personalization to a whole new level!

The Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise. Best Cruise Lines

If any fleet is superbly young at heart and senior-sensitive at the same time, that would be the famous Carnival Cruise Line from Australia, with every one of their ships boasting an adult-only program to make their Boomers happy. Not to mention their new ships which also include the Serenity Retreat meant to allow adults to lounge in peace and quiet, relaxed in a luxurious chair, and enjoying a drink from the nearby bar.

From roaming exotic Pacific islands, exploring the paradise of New Caledonia or immersing yourself in the underwater tropics of the Great Barrier Reef, their lavish cruise deals for 2018 treat Boomers to a unique, effortless voyage. They offer musicals, stand-up comedy performances and karaoke for those of you who love evening entertainment.  You can bask in the bubbly pleasure of their pools while watching your favorite blockbuster.

The Viking River Cruise

The Viking Cruise. Best Cruise Lines

What started out as a river-only cruise company has now ventured into the vast waters of the ocean as well; still making their prime customers, Baby Boomers, as happy as they could ever be. In addition to being tremendously creative with their itineraries, the team behind this cruise line is strongly focused on bringing their passengers closer to the cultures they plan to visit. They not only accommodate Boomers – they are Boomers themselves, starting with their CEO, Torstein Hagen.

Whether you crave to see the proud cities of Europe from the steady embrace of the Danube or Rhine or you’d gladly visit the ancient pharaoh world in Egypt from the immortal heartbeat of the Nile, the Viking ships are ready for you. Rest assured, these best cruise lines are your most comfortable, culture-infused ticket to the arts, history and mysteries of the world. 

Holland America

Best Cruise Lines

Pleasing all preferences and creating experiences for every appetite is what Holland America is all about. They welcome guests in their hipster twenties, single travelers of all ages who are or aren’t seeking to meet someone, along with adventurous boomers. They still manage to make ‘em all constantly happy and engaged. Yes, there will be moments of utter relaxation and Zen, but when you discover the best cruise line’s versatile itinerary you’ll likely realize you’d gladly double your cruise days.

Cooking classes, biking for boomers, safari rides, digital education, editing photos and dancing salsa? They have it all, according to Pat Woods and her spouse, who enjoyed a Maasdam voyage to Canada and New England. It’s the perfect blend for those who like to mingle, dare to try something out of the ordinary such as crab hunting, or perhaps even fall in love once again.  

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