The Five Best Cruise Holidays For Your Bucket List

The internet is awash in photos of amazing destinations; some of which are only accessible to the everyday traveller by cruise. If unique scenery, immersive experiences, adrenaline-pumping fun and far-off exploration are important to you; then you should consider adding these five best cruise holidays to your bucket list.

Top 5 Best Cruise Holidays

A Galapagos Islands Cruise

Galapagos cruise. Best Cruise Holidays
A cruise to Galapagos can be an exciting adventure.

The Galapagos is one of the world’s most natural wonders. A small ship cruise around this volcanic island chain offers the chance to snorkel among sea lions, view indigenous animals in their native habitat, hike for unparalleled sunsets and learn about conservation efforts. This really is a chance to combine nature, adventure and relaxation seamlessly.

Most cruises begin in mainland Ecuador, with a night in a hotel and then a charter flight to Baltra where you board the ship. The higher the price, the longer the trip and/or the smaller and more intimate the ship.

Cruise lines like American-based Lindblad Expeditions feature National Geographic naturalists and photographers onboard; while Celebrity Cruises offer talks with expert marine biologists, photographers and other nature experts.

Many Galapagos cruises include a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru and sometimes other popular spots in South America.

A Round-the-World Cruise

Have you ever wanted to get onboard a ship and never get off? An around-the-world cruise offers you the chance to travel the world and visit ports on most continents, with meals and entertainment included.

Choose from shorter round-world cruises that sail for just less than a month or longer cruises that sail for as many as 180 days. While most round world cruises don’t necessarily sail to every port in the world, they do offer you the chance to visit multiple cities in many countries on most continents. If you’re not ready to commit to months at sea you can join certain segments/legs for the best cruise holidays.

Oceania offers the longest of the round-world cruises while Cunard, Azamara Club Cruises, P&O World Cruising and Crystal cruises have some wonderful itineraries available.

A Polar Expedition Cruise

Antarctic Cruise. Best Cruise Holidays
Cruise the Antarctic

Spectacular scenery awaits you in both the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic. Cruising this region is spell-binding and something many can only dream of doing in their lifetime.

Cruises in these regions sail in Summer (May to July in the Arctic and December to February in the Antarctic) and tend to be longer than your average week-long cruise; but they’re both entirely worth spending the extra time and money.

In the Arctic, you can expect a solid 24 hours of daylight; and the chance to see seals, walruses, whales and the occasional polar bear. Arctic trips generally begin in Norway or Greenland, heading to Svalbard (a Norwegian territory) and sometimes Jan Mayen before returning to northern Norway (Tromso or Bergen).

In the Antarctic you will be greeted with icebergs larger than apartment blocks, miles-long glaciers, penguins galore and phenomenal sunsets over pristine seas.

Antarctic trips begin in Ushuaia, Argentina. Australians can sail from Tasmania and New Zealand to Antarctica; however you’re at sea for at least 12 days before sighting Antarctic land; and you don’t get the chance to explore the Ross Sea Peninsula, South Georgia Island or the Falklands.

A Family Megaliner Cruise aboard Ovation of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s newest megaliner Ovation of the Seas is as big as three football ovals and jam-packed with fun and entertainment for all the family. It really is the ultimate cruising option for families and big kids who love fun and entertainment.

The ship holds 4,180 guests and over 1,500 crew; boasts 19 dining rooms and restaurants, the SeaPlex sports complex, a virtual skydiving and surf simulator, dodgem car rides, a waterpark and so much more.

Choose from 11 bars, including a bionic bar where robots both make and serve your drink. Swim in three pools, one of which is adults-only.

Ovation has taken up residence in Sydney for the 2017-2018 season.

A Music-Themed Cruise: Rock The Boat

Music lovers rejoice for you can now attend a music festival at sea!

Acts are always big and vary from season to season. You can choose from six cruises per year including Rock The Boat (rock bands), Cruise N’ Groove (70’s and Motown style), Country Cruise (country music and line dancing!), and Bravo (classical music).

Popular with Aussies is Rock The Boat (TM) aboard Radiance of the Seas departing from Sydney. It is a wonderful way to set sail to the South Pacific while rocking out to international headliners including Status Quo (UK).

If you’re keen to go further afield for a Rock The Boat cruise for best cruise holidays; there are several in the UK and Europe as well as one that sets sail from New Orleans, USA.

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