The Best Destinations around the World for Coffee Addicts

Let’s face it – you’re addicted to the glorious hot brown elixir known as java, joe or wake-up juice. The first thing you do in the morning is switch on your coffee maker or whip out your French press and when the first sip of that bitter, strong energising brew passes your lips you let out a happy sigh of satisfaction.

Those who really love coffee don’t just drink it for the caffeine jolt, they love the rich complexity of flavours, the artful ritual of preparing it and the culture around consuming it. So if you are a coffee aficionado, where in the world can you go to celebrate your favourite drink? Here are some of the world’s best coffee countries:

Best Coffee Countries



The coffee in Hanoi is rocket fuel – one cup and you will be twitching and talking a mile a minute. It’s hot and humid here, so the locals drink their brew iced with milk. Order it in a café and you will be given your own stainless steel Vietnamese coffee press, so that you can pour the coffee and hot water into the press and let it drip into the cup.

Once it is ready, pour in the condensed milk and the ice. The condensed milk gives it a syrupy sweet taste that balances out the strength of the coffee – perfect for refreshing you on a hot day and giving you the energy to keep up with bustling Hanoi’s frenetic pace.

Best Coffee Countries: Vietnamese Coffee
Vietnamese Coffee: photo credit: Marko Mikkonnen CC 2.0



Italy is known for taking the quality of its food very seriously and coffee is no exception. Coffee is usually enjoyed standing up at the counter in an Italian café in Rome. Milky coffees such as cappuccino and latte macchiato are only consumed first thing in the morning, never after a full meal. Also, you won’t encounter fancy variations like mint or gingerbread Frappuccino – just no-frills, full flavoured and delicious cups of simple java.


One of the world’s best coffee countries is Turkey. Turkey is known around the world for its delicious rich, dark coffee and there is a unique method for making it – the beans are ground into a fine meal and then boiled with or without sugar in a specially made pot. They do not use anything to sift out the grounds, they simply give them a moment to settle before drinking. If you love your coffee rich and full flavoured, you’ll love drinking it in Turkey.

Best Coffee Countries: Turkish Coffee
Turkish Coffee: photo credit: Başak Ekinci CC 2.0


Why not visit the source where much of your beloved coffee is grown? Colombia is one of the major coffee growing regions in the world and although it was too dangerous for travellers for years, it is much safer now and visitors are coming back. Visit the “Coffee Triangle” and you can stay in homestays at the local farms, learn about the cultivation of the beans and discover where your brew comes from. The lush green landscapes also offer the perfect backdrop for horse riding, hiking or birdwatching.

These are just a few of the best coffee countries, so why not sit back with a cup of joe and start planning your next trip?

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    Hello Kelly! As an Italian, I’m very proud of our Coffee Culture! I even wrote a very detailed post on Get Coffee Be Happy! if you want to take a look 🙂

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