How to Have Your Best Cancun Holiday

Cancun, Mexico is famous for its powdery white, sandy beaches and bright blue water. On average, the temperature of the city in June and July rests in the 80s. The weather is perfect for a dip in the warm ocean water. These qualities, along with the fact that Cancun is relatively inexpensive, make it tops for people seeking an affordable vacation. Although the city and beaches are beautiful and full of fun activities, there are some things you should know to have your best Cancun holiday.

Consider an all-inclusive hotel for your Cancun holiday

In a city like Cancun, almost anyone can afford an all-inclusive hotel. For just over $100 each night, you can have all of your meals and drinks at the resort. You won’t have to worry about accruing any additional costs beyond the hotel room fee. This is ideal for those looking for a relaxing vacation of cocktails, hotel food, and sunbathing by hotel pools. These resorts are often located in the Hotel Zone; the zone is right off the beach, providing easy access when you venture out.

If you’re sharing your room with a partner, the trip becomes even more affordable. In some all-inclusive hotels, a wristband will get you access to everything you could possibly want from the hotel. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stay at the resort the whole time. You should go out and explore the beaches and city. But to get the best bang for your Cancun holiday buck, plan to have meals and drinks at the resort. Otherwise, go have fun in the city and make the most out of your time there.

Cancun holiday beach
Cancun Beach

Be careful on the beach

The beaches in Cancun can seem surreal upon arrival. The sparkling sand feels like powder under your feet and can be blinding — so make sure to pack sunglasses. However, as blue and magical as the water may seem, you should exercise caution as with any body of water. There are usually no lifeguards, which means you need to be extra careful, especially if you have children with you.

Another reason to be careful on the beach is the strong undertow of Caribbean waters.  

Cancun is right between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. You should pay attention to the waters and not venture out too far. The beaches along the Hotel Zone often contain color-coded signs indicating the safety of the water. Green means the water is safe; yellow says exercise caution; red indicates the water may be dangerous; and black means don’t get in.

Visit downtown Cancun

As breathtaking as the beaches of Cancun are, there’s more to see within the city. Because accommodations along the beach are for tourists, there is very little local culture represented in these areas. If you’re hoping to experience a piece of Mexico during your trip, simply make your way into the downtown area. These streets will be vibrant with local shops and restaurants where you can experience more Mexican culture.

Additionally, you can take some day trips to areas just outside of Cancun. These offer more nature and swimming than the tourist beach areas can offer. Some of these areas include:

As you travel to these destinations, take the bus instead of taxis if possible. While it may be tempting to take taxis for convenience and lack of wait time, they are largely unaffordable. Even if you have the money to spend, it’s worth figuring out the buses. They’re not complicated and can save you money on your Cancun holiday.

Mayan Ruins near Cancun, Mexico
Mayan Ruins near Cancun

Have fun and stay safe on your Cancun holiday

Cancun is a gorgeous city to visit and can make for a vacation full of beautiful memories. If you own a drone, this is a great city to practice your photography skills in. The white beaches and blue waters offer an admirable landscape background for any of your photos. It’s also a great way to get accustomed to a new city; you will be able to get a better view and idea of where everything is and where to explore.

A few years ago, Cancun gained a bad reputation for being a dangerous vacation spot for tourists. This was due to the sociopolitical climate at the time, but Cancun has since proven to be very safe. There are fewer deaths in Cancun than in the four most dangerous cities in the U.S., which means there’s no need for alarm when vacationing here.

Another reason for alarm when traveling has been concern over the safety of planes since the recent accidents involving Boeing 737 MAX planes. Although these planes are currently being explored for faults that may have caused the accidents, flying is still overall the safest way to travel. Pilots and aircraft technicians go through a series of pre-flight tests to ensure that the plane is working as it should.

Safety is the most important aspect of traveling, so once you have that covered, the rest is just details. If you make the right decisions for your trip regarding where you’ll stay and how you’ll spend your time, you’ll have a great time on the beach no matter what you end up doing. However, if you want some extra culture, explore the areas just outside of the tourist spots. Your Cancun holiday will feel extra fulfilling if you do a little wandering.

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