Tips for a Superb Beach Getaway

Inconceivable fun, your name is summer!

Undeniably, many people can’t wait for the hot season to arrive and with good reason.

Best Beach Getaways: Kovalam Beach near Kerala, South India
Kovalam Beach near Kerala, South India: Photo Robin Klein CC BY-SA 2.0

A time often associated with sizzling tales of romance, outlandish exuberance and of course scenic beaches, it does not come as a surprise if it is a season loved by many.

5 Best Beach Getaways Tips

If you are planning your beach getaway, you can make it as fun and memorable as possible by keeping in mind the following best beach getaways tips:

1. Dress appropriately

What good would summer be if you don’t get to hit the beach and have a grand time under the sun? While it’s easy to get lost in all the summer frenzy, it is important to remember to dress appropriately to enjoy your outing to the fullest.

In line with this, it would be best not to forego protection, even when working on your tan. For starters, never leave home without a trusted sunscreen, hat and a pair of sunnies. Be sure to also wear garments that are lightweight so you would feel more comfortable while frolicking in the beach.

Best Beach Getaways: Beach Volleyball
Beach Volleyball: Photo Tim Geers CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Pack enough snacks

Do you have little ones tagging along? Kids thrown in the mix can surely double the fun. However, they can also turn the day into a total disaster once they become ornery and start throwing tantrums.

How do you prevent a similar scenario from happening? Apart from making sure you keep them hydrated at all times, make it a point to have plenty of their favourite food handy. In addition, you can also bring mermaid tails for swimming to make the outing even more fun and exciting for the little ones.

3. Get your gear ready

Sometimes, spur of the moment beach outings can turn out to be more exciting than planned ones. With that in mind, it would be a prudent idea to keep a few beach basics in your car, in case you feel the urge to hit the beach on a whim. Beach towels, an umbrella and maybe a Frisbee can be considered essentials and can help warrant a fun time under the sun.

Best Beach Getaways: Playing with Frisbee in Andamans, India
Playing with Frisbee in Andamans, India: Photo Sankara Subramanium CC 2.0

4. Take a trip to top beaches

It’s not going to be a worthwhile holiday until you know where the best beaches are.

Have you heard of Bondi Beach in Sydney? It’s a spectacular wide stretch beach, located in the east of the Sydney central business district. Australia is known to have tons of attractions from diving sanctuaries to the perfect surf-worthy waves. There is no excuse not to visit this beauty.

Best Beach Getaways: Bondi Beach, Sydney
Bondi Beach, Sydney: Photo Kitson CC BY-SA 3.0

Another go-to this summer is the Ipanema beach in Brazil where both the mountain view and light blue waters meet in one picturesque place. And if you’re a fan of sports, you can find groups of sports enthusiasts playing volleyball, football and footvolley (their version of the two combined).

Best Beach Getaways: Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro
Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro: Photo Christian Haugen CC 2.0

Summer isn’t going to be complete without a visit to these tourist destinations. Pack your bags and start booking your tickets!

5. Protect your skin

While it’s impossible to get 100% protection against the sun’s harmful rays, it’s reassuring to know that an SPF 30 sun block can provide as much as 97 percent protection against the sun’s detrimental ultraviolet rays. In addition, when it comes to sun blocks, it’s not only advisable to apply a generous amount, but applying every few hours is also recommended.

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