Must-Do Activities for Adventurous Travellers in Bali

It might currently be popular amongst young backpackers looking for somewhere to find themselves, but Bali has a lot more going for it than religious temples, yoga classes and cafes serving some of the most expensive coffee in the world. If you’re always up for an adventure and you haven’t yet decided on your next holiday destination, Bali is definitely worth a trip. Despite its small size, the island is packed full of incredible things to see and do, usually whilst being surrounded by the most captivating scenery you’ve ever laid eyes on. Here are just three of the best Bali adventure activities I managed to pack into my last trip.

Best Bali Adventure Activities: A stunning waterfall we saw whilst taking a break from white water rafting in Bali
A stunning waterfall we saw whilst taking a break from white water rafting in Bali

Best Bali Adventure Activities

White Water Rafting

Although New Zealand has some incredible white water rafting opportunities, Bali holds its own and also offers a fair share of rafting adventures. The longest white water rafting routes in Bali are along the Telaga Waja River, where you can raft for 2 hours along a 14km stretch! The route in Bali is pretty tame and if you’ve ever been white water rafting before, it might not be exciting enough for you, but if it’s your first time trying out the extreme sport, this location is perfect. There’s a great mix of high-speed zones, huge partially-submerged rocks to avoid and even a 9m drop toward the end of the route! Although the adrenaline-pumping aspect of white water rafting is fun, the best bit is the scenery. For the whole trip you’ll be surrounded by lush, green tropical landscapes which wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Avatar.

Best Bali Adventure Activities: Rafting on the Telaga Waja River
Rafting on the Telaga Waja River, Bali: Photo ☼zlady / CC BY-NC 2.0

Swimming with Sharks

Ever wanted to swim with sharks in the wild? Bali Sharks is the place to do just that. Based in Serangan in the south of Bali, this centre is a forward-thinking charity which buys baby sharks from fishermen who would otherwise sell them to China to be turned into shark fin soup. The baby sharks are kept in a large netted enclosure in the sea where they’re reared until they’re one metre in length. At this point, they’re taken to a protected part of the ocean where they’re released back into the wild, safe from dangerous fishermen.

Best Bali Adventure Activities: Getting up close and personal with black-tipped sharks in Bali
Getting up close and personal with black-tipped sharks in Bali

Although the fee is relatively high, you know the money is going toward a fantastic cause and in exchange, you get the unique opportunity to feed the sharks and then snorkel with them for as long as you like. The sharks are incredibly friendly and curious – they’ve got no qualms about swimming right up to you to see what’s going on, so be brave and be prepared!

Buggy Driving

If water isn’t really your thing, have a go at buggy driving in Bali instead. A step up from quad biking, driving a buggy means you and the person you’re with can travel side-by-side, which can either be great or terrifying, depending on the skills of the driver!

Best Bali Adventure Activities: Buggy driving in Bali surrounded by lush, thick greenery
Buggy driving in Bali surrounded by lush, thick greenery

On a buggy driving trip, you’ll pass through all kinds of stunning landscapes, from rustic farmland with locals planting rice and small villages decorated for religious festivals to wide-open grassy expanses covered in towering palm trees and rushing rivers surrounded by beautiful plants. Remember to take your camera and wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty!

Do you have other things to add to our list of the best Bali adventure activities? Leave a comment below!

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