The Most Famous Wine of Australia!

When you have such a widely consumed and recognized drink as wine and a country that is among the top countries of the world for many reasons, then a story of success is inevitable. As it is well-known, wine can be made to suit the needs of everyman, but there are also wines that are made specifically for wine know-alls.

Across the country

Australia is not only one of the most prosperous parts of the world. It also has an incredibly vine-friendly climate and soil, which are a perfect condition for production of appreciated and tasteful wines. From Western Australia, to Victoria and New South Wales, this outstanding country is the 5th world producer of this divine drink. They even grow vine in Tasmania. But definitely the most fruitful Australian state in terms of wine production is South Australia, which produces about 50% of the overall amount of Australian wine.

The northern part of the continent, though, does not fit into this image. This part of the country is washed with monsoons and the climate is generally much damper than in the south. Such conditions are not favorable for the best Australian wines and vineyards.

Best Australian Wines: Kangaroos between the Vines
Kangaroos between the Vines

Makes of Australian vineyards

The vine varieties grown in Australia are also nourished in other parts of the world, but the Australian versions always take the top places. The best Australian wines can be compared to French and Californian wines.

Best Australian Wines: Wine cellar
Wine Cellar

The Best Australian wines

  • Chardonnay might have the French origin, but the Aussies have brought it to perfection. This wine sort makes nearly half of the total amount of white wine produced in Australia. It is grown in all the major wine regions of Australia, especially in the Hunter Valley, NSW and the Margaret River, WA.
  • If you love Merlot a lot, you will adore the Australian Merlot(s). It is also present in many parts of Australia. The one(s) from McLaren Vale, SA carries the flavors of sweet red berries, while the Merlot produced in less warm surroundings, such as Yarra Valley, Victoria, leans towards savory tastes.
  • Since Australia has become famous for wine, the carrier of this fame must be the Australian Shiraz in all its varieties. The Shiraz made in Barossa Valley is considered a precious wine with a pinch of spice in its flavor. This region in South Australia is praised for the full-bodied products of the Shiraz wine. In the Margaret River region, on the other hand, comprises flavors more similar to old-school French Shiraz.
Best Australian Wines: Wine Glasses
Wine Glasses: Photo by Ros Vincent CC 2.0

The cradle of wine

Australia really stands out as a producer of all sorts of wine, from everyday dry wines to high-class sweet white wine and other great wines meant to be served on fancy tables around the world. When going to Australia, visiting its landmarks should be accompanied with tours across the Australian wine regions. It is an unrivalled experience for getting to know the countryside of this continent and see its hidden treasures on amusing and educative wine tours. Once you go around Australia, you will hardly leave this enchanting continent.

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